iOS Strikes Back, and Website Woes

Hey Folks! Bad news. It appears iOS is back to haunt us again, this time with a weird crash bug. And for added coolness, it only affects my iPad 3!

It seems that spending 60 seconds on any given encounter or hex map screen causes the game to crash to home screen. Other screens are fine, just those ones are affected. And it doesn't affect my Android nor PC builds, nor anyone else as far as I can tell. Fun!

We also had some brief demo version achievement regressions, among other things. But I think we have most of them figured out.

Anyway, in other similar news, the website appears to be crumbling from beneath itself. First we had Monday's FTP quota weirdness, and now users are tripping security features. And if my Spidey Sense is accurate, I also suspect the site isn't sending notification emails out anymore.

It seems that new site can't come fast enough! Like we're in some Ducktales episode where the ground is crumbling behind us as we run away.

Let's see, anything else happen today? Oh! Josh sent me a new space exploration tack, and that was at least a positive note. Going to listen to it a bit more before providing feedback, but that's always a pleasure.

A whack of new "quality of life" fixes went into the latest mobile build, which is good. And I guess we're still better off this week than last, all told. It's just...iOS aaaarg!


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That really sucks about the crash. Hope that resolves soon! And oooh, new soundtrack. I wonder when we will get a little snippet of one of them.

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I can't wait to hear the soundtrack. I only just recently realized that the NS soundtrack is accessible quite easily.
Here's the thought process I went through with Neo Scavenger's OST:
I wonder if you have to buy the sound track.
*logs into Steam, goes to NS store page,*
There isn't an option to buy the soundtrack...
*Opens NS folder, sees folder labeled OST.*
*Face palms*

Rar! Rar rar rar! Thanks for reading :)

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@spacemedic, I'll probably work some of the new OST into a video as soon as I'm back working on the space prototype. Just a taste of it in the background as I talk about features :)

@Asthepanda2iscool2, yeah, it's a bit weird on Steam. Easier to find if you bought it pretty much anywhere else.

Though, my thought process usually goes a bit like this:

"I wonder if I have access to the OST?"
*Looks for game folder and searches subfolders for audio files.*
*IF YES: Open in audio player.*
*IF NO: Launch browser and go to YouTube.*

Probably not the most responsible thing for a fellow gamedev to do, but...I'm human, too :)

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games