Extreme Settings Take 2 (3? Whatever...)

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Extreme Settings Take 2 (3? Whatever...)

This is an edited post. When I started this thread, I was going to use images. However, I've decided to scrap that idea and just write instead. Each session will consist of four parts.
I'll begin by giving you a brief mod list: I'm using NSE and ESC (That Neo Scavenger Extended, and Extreme Settings Cold).
This is the getmods: nRows=3&strModName0=NSE&strModURL0=NeoScavExtended&strModName1=0&strModURL1=NSEoverride&strModName2=2&strModURL2=Extreme_Settings_Cold
Yes, it must be written like this or it won't work.

Part 1, Character Creation

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I've decided to spend my 20 skill points on strong, tough, medic, tracking, ranged and electrician.
The begining encounter went like this: I dumped a CEO out of a cryo-pod, then looked around the room. I ended the encounter, then went back to get any medical supplies from the special encounter. In total, I got 9 emergency bandages and 12 anti-biotics. This was actually a very good find, equating to nearly $150 if I never wanted to use these, although I do. I'm kind of a pack-rat.

Part 2, The Town Over

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I went to the neighboring hex, where I scavenged what may have been a looter's hideout. I found 2 good shirts, a pair of cargo pants in 100% condition (whoa), a lighter with 35 fuel, a left combat boot, 2 handfuls of sugar and a bottle of liquor. It's also worth noting that I found a shopping cart basket in good condition, and took this as a vehicle. I took everything I could, which happened to be everything.

Part 3, Journey North

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I found another town. I scavenged as much as I could. I got a total of 1 sleeping bag, 2 more handfuls of sugar, a handful of yeast, a new boot at 100% (Both the sleeping bag and boot are from the hypothermia encounter, which happened within ending the first turn), 8 servings of ketchup, 7 scrap metal bits, and a tin can. Like always, I took it all. I put the 100% boot on along with the other.

Part 4, Resting

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I decided that I needed to deal with my hypothermia, so I started a fire with some twigs that just so happened to be lying around. It wasn't big, but I moved it and the sleeping bag into a house. Unfortunately, I forgot that I would have to stoke the fire, so I wasted a turn gathering branches from a nearby forest.

Like the first (kinda) piece of this story? Hope I can continue this, but in Neo Scavenger death lurks around every corner.

Rar! Rar rar rar! Thanks for reading :)