Need help modding game files

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Need help modding game files

Ok so I've started messing with the files of the game to make my experience custom like adding more skill points and changing the exam rooms name but I need help with the treasure table I'm really having trouble with the numbers that are like 234x1x6-5 and stuff like that if the founder of the game could explain to me I'd be ever so grateful I just wanna make my game more interesting that's all. ;).

Or someone else who understands the game files I started messing with them yesterday and I can only understand the most basic stuff.

Try reading the Modding Documentation thread - some of the basics are explained there.

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Thank you so much Kaaven

Kaaven I didn't really understand you see the thing I'm doing here is not creating a mod I'm just directly editing the files so I can customize spawns and the guide isn't really helping any other recommendations?

OK... Which spawns you want to change and how?

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actually i think, the only difference to modding is that you don't use seperate files that "overwrite" (not really) the actual game files. so if you want to change your game experience, you probably want to make a backup of the files you change, in case you want to go back to the vanilla game without reinstalling - or actually make a neogame.xml and by that make a custom mod.
Nuff said to your approach, I want to help:
I searched through the game files and the modding documentation as well when I was starting to get into the "modding thing". And I think I saw an explanation on the treasuretable numbers. Wait, I'll pull it up...

Okay, can't find it at the moment. But let me at least try explaining the numbers you mention.


234: This is the item (aka itemtype) or actually an other treasuretable that spawns in this table. Two numbers, seperated by a dot represent items (e.g.: "40.1"), single numbers represent treasuretables (e.g.: "164").
1.0: This is the chance for this item to spawn, where "1.0" (or just "1") is 100% chance and for example "0.5" a 50% chance
6-5: This is the number of items that can spawn, actually this seems strange, as it would normally be "5-6", that way spawning 5 or 6 items (If this is just "1", it means the number is fixed, in this case 1 item spawns)

Another thing to mention: The entries can be separated by "," or "|". The first means, every entry has the specified chance of spawning. The second means, only one of the entries can be spawned. In this case all the chances for the given table have to sum up to 1.0, otherwise the ones that follow after the full value has been reached will not be able to spawn.

Sorry if this is not the information you need, but I hope this helps at least understanding the notation.

Aaaand, Kaaven, if anything I'm saying is wrong, please correct me. I only worked through this theoretically, my actual modding experience is rudimentary at best.

Thanks Moppes I'll spend time examining your post until I figure it out.

yeah, sorry, I always get carried away and write and write. should try to keep it short next time ;)

No your fine I enjoy reading I just need to figure out how to plug in everything.

Ok so I did plug in the IDs for the DMC clothes in a treasure table I made but when I checked the items in game I got some flip fleets a brown shirt an empty .308 rifle( even though I put a shotgun) so I'm a little confused

Pay attention to the sub-group of the items you put in. From your description, it seems like you have put the proper groups for the items, but messed up the subgroups.

For example: 60.1 is a hunting rifle while 60.8 is a military shotgun. Both are in the group 60 (long guns) but the subgroup number is different for each item. Same with shirts: both the common brown shirt and the black shirt the guards use are in the same group 78 (upper body clothing) but have different subgroup number: 78.3 for T-shirt and 78.1 for the one used by the DMC.

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Thank you so much for this info.