[Request] Increase chance to Junk Market to sell Gas mask cartridges

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[Request] Increase chance to Junk Market to sell Gas mask cartridges

What title says, gas mask are not a problem to find, blue frogs usually have one but every cartridge I have found either they are spent or only have like a 10% of remaining juice and the drop rate is really low. ¿Any experienced modder can improve the drop rate of the Junk Market selling cartridges?


Hm, seems like the problem is, that they drop with low durability, not that the drop rate is too low (I imagine gas filters are really not that common). But iirc, the durability can't be modded (except by making a recipe that repairs them to 100%)... So yeah, maybe increasing the drop chance is the best way to deal with your problem.

That said, I took a look at the files (although I would count me far from being a experienced modder) and found out, that the cartridges aren't even in the junk store inventory. So I added them with the same chance as the nanobot medkit suspension refill (0.15). Nothing more, nothing less, you can try it out, if you want. No guarantees.

Okay, fiddled around too much, cant put a link here, so just the url:


If there are questions or I did something wrong, ask me or tell me :)

Medkits in Junk Market as far I can recall they are still very rare, I'd say tweak the value to 0.18 if possible, right now I'm not in my PC so I can't try the mod at the moment.

Thanks for the help.

Interestingly enough gas masks aren't listed in the loot tables for the store at all. I have no idea how they got in there in the first place. They shouldn't spawn in it.

My mod "Overhaul" lets you craft spent ones into useful ones with some voodoo hoodoo.

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