Still Alive! Just Unpacking

Hey Folks! I'm typing this in front of an impressive stack of boxes from the new Blue Bottle Games, LLC headquarters: the basement of our new house!

Unfortunately, I literally only have the PC's basics hooked-up so far, and plenty of unpacking yet to do. Also, I am as far from the cable outlet as humanly possible in this house, meaning I'm on a tenuous wifi connection. Quite the step down from the old hard-wired connection. Might be time to upgrade to a better wifi router and adapter.

Anyway, not much to report since the last update, since it was literally all move-related shenanigans. I guess I did do some urgent tax review and signing, plus some feedback on the trailer. But certainly nothing akin to actual coding, drawing, writing, or other fun stuff :)

The good news is, however, I should be gradually more at work, and less packing/moving as time goes on from here. And with any luck, that'll be the last major interruption for a long time!


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I have a cable going across four floors, totally worth it.

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I may have to yet. The new router was a boost, but I'm still stuck with 3Mbps down and 1.5 up. That gets painful when uploading new footage/builds :)

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games