Hardware Install, Bug Triage, Trailer Footage

Hey Folks! More loose ends tying-up today, plus a hardware upgrade!

The hardware maybe isn't too exciting to anyone but me. It's a 1TB solid-state drive (SSD) for my work PC. But since my old 500GB SSD was 90% full, space was getting tight. And recording game footage was making this painfully obvious!

So I spent about an hour with a dissected PC on the floor today as I installed and configured the new SSD. And I'm now in the process of copying the largest blocks of data I can over to that one, so I can free up the 500GB SSD for OS use and frequent work files.

The bug list got a huge triage today, with a lump of new user-experience (UX) tasks bumped to the top. I'm going to see if we can add some more swipe input support for certain UIs, better hit registering on UI elements, and some context-specific tutorials. Not the most glamorous work, but it'll hopefully make a big difference. Especially to new users!

Finally, I recorded one more in-game scene of crafting some specific items. This covers all our basic needs, except for maybe getting ambushed in sleep by a dogman. "Video-Josh" (thanks, Malacodor!) says he has what he needs for now, and will keep me apprised of progress.

It feels like things are in order and nobody's blocked by me for now, which is a nice change!