Game Footage Capture, and Script VO Read

Hey Folks! Mostly another day of trailer prep, here, as Josh and I work out the best way for me to record in-game footage, and we read through the script with Nelson and Phil.

The game footage was a bit of a mystery at first, as no matter what settings or codecs I used, it seemed to have compression artifacts. Even lossless settings at 7GB per minute!

However, I think part of what we were seeing was in fact game-asset artifacts resulting from me scaling-up gradients used in the UI. The banding/dithering is literally built-into the graphics. So we're mostly squared away on settings, and I've started capturing scenes from the game to be used.

On the audio side, the four of us (Josh, Nelson, Phil, and I) held a conference call in which we had them read lines to each other. Each had their own audio setup for recording that we can splice together later, so this was mainly to have faces/audio to act against.

And man, was it good! After a few runs, you could really hear the weary vet's impatience and savoring the kill, while the upstart stuttered, begged, and babbled in fear. I think it's going to be an awesome match for the footage we shot.

It's going to be a hard couple of days of waiting to see the rough cut :)