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poison 3

So I got poisoned but I had the medic skill so I diagnosed myself and the symptoms didn't show up until poison 2 but I got exiled from Detroit so I wasn't going to be able to get back in and after that I poison 3 so I waited around the market hoping for a medical kit to show up i was just sleeping taking antibiotics and painkillers and eating and drinking clean food and water and then out of nowhere my sick meter goes back back up and the poison 3 just vanished but now I have a weakened immune system i thought you died if you weren't able to get a medical kit so what gives.


Well, you were taking antibiotics. From what I know, you can pretty much walk away from any illness given enough time.

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I read somewhere there's a small chance that poison 3 doesn't progress to poison 4 (death)... I'll try to find said source...

EDIT: found it, the thread is more about eating rotten meat, so might easily be overread.
can't get rid of gastroenteritis (ate a small portion of rotten meat)

especially this part is what I mean:

Spoiler: Highlight to view
77 Poisoned 1
24 hours
100% chance of progression to 78, 65, and/or 607
Hidden, doesn't show up in your active condition list

78 Poisoned 2
24 hours
70% chance of progression to 79, 65, and/or 608
Hidden, doesn't show up in your active condition list

79 Poisoned 3
24 hours
70% chance of progression to 80
Hidden, doesn't show up in your active condition list

80 Poisoned to death

according to this it's still unclear where the immunity drop came from, but maybe the xml would be clearer on that. Oh, and it seems without the medic skill, you won't be able to see the poisoned condition (?). I rarely take it, and I am very careful not to get poisoned ;)

Interesting... Acording to what I can see, there is a bug there and in the most recent verson of the game, there is no chance to die of poison at all!!! As in, there is 0% chance for Poison 3 to progress to Poison 4...

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Amazing! I'll start exploiting this immediately!
It's actually a good thing this came up, the mobile market has the capacity to be huge, and it might be (I bet) a little irritating for Dan to only hear of this bug then.

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Well, there are still the side-effects, like gastroenteritis and diarrhea. So, it's still 'slightly' unpleasant to be poisoned. As I mentioned, it's best to not get poisoned at all, actually I find it easy to avoid... dont eat white or unidentified red berries, dont eat spoiled food, dont drink poisoned water, etc.
Anyway, exploit all you want. ;)