[MOD] Training Skill Extended v0.8

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[MOD] Training Skill Extended v0.8

Training Mod Extended

This mod adds the possibility of training skills in the game.
It builds on and extends the mod by jt2, who I particularly thank also for his Neo Scavenger XML Data Editor

This mod adds a training camp at the ATN campsite and a repeatable miniquest at Concrete Forest Apartments.

At the ATN campsite you can undergo training sessions by paying an amount of money.
After the right amount of training sessions, the player will learn the skill.
The training sessions will also tire the player and make him slightly hunger/thirsty, depending on the kind of training he undergoes. The training sessions can be re-done only after 16 hour from the last one.

An encounter with will be triggered at Concrete Forest Apartments, after choosing the option Check Out the Crowd. The player will meet a retired technician looking for help. After accepting his proposal, you will be able to bring electrical devices (laptops, islabs, phones/smartphones) or small parts (in chunks of 20 pieces) in exchange for trainings in Mechanic or Electrician. If the players already possess these skills or doesn't want any training, it is possible to just receive some money reward for the deliveries, after bringing a sufficient amount of material. More details below.

If the skill enables recipes, these will be added to the list of known recipes after learning the skill.

Here are the skills you can train, as of v0.8

Spoiler: Highlight to view

ATN Campsite:


Cost: $200 per session
Number of sessions required: 14
Session drawbacks: 20 Tiredness, 10 Hunger, 16 Thirst, 2 Bruises


Cost: $200 per session
Number of sessions required: 13
Session drawbacks: 10 Tiredness, 5 Hunger, 10 Thirst


Cost: $200 per session
Number of sessions required: 10
Session drawbacks: 5 Tiredness


Cost: $200 per session
Number of sessions required: 10
Session drawbacks: 16 Tiredness, 10 Hunger, 5 Thirst


Cost: $100 per session
Number of sessions required: 7
Session drawbacks: 20 Tiredness, 5 Hunger, 5 Thirst


Cost: $100 per session
Number of sessions required: 9
Session drawbacks: 10 Tiredness, 5 Hunger, 10 Thirst

Concrete Forest Apartments:

Electrician, Mechanics

An encounter will be triggered after choosing Check Out the Crowd. This will unlock a miniquest about collecting electronic and mechanical material in exchange for trainings in Electrician or Mechanics, or for a money reward.

How it works:

You can deliver five items to advance the miniquest. After delivering each item you can choose the reward to receive, either a Electrician training, a Mechanic training, or just money. In any case you will have to bring several items to gain the skills or the money reward. The number of items to deliver depends on the item value.
Here is a list of the deliverable items, along with the number of items you need to bring to receive the reward, if you were to bring only that specific item.

  • Laptop - 20
  • iSlabs - 40
  • Smartphone - 67
  • Cellphone - 100
  • 20x Assorted small parts - 200

Bringing different items contributes proportionally, for example you can get the reward after any of this following combination of delivered items:
10 laptops, 20 iSlabs
5 laptops, 10 iSlabs, 10 Smartphones, 20 Cellphones, 30x20=600 Assorted small parts
Approximatively, the total value of the items you need to deliver amounts to $1000. The money reward is $1500


This mod is still in development. I plan to add more skill to train.
In particular:

  • Medic training sessions at the DMC health clinic
  • Lockpick/Hacking at Hatter's place
  • Athletic, Tough and Strong at Zom Zom's arena

I am considering having some mini-quest to access the training at DMC clinic and Zom Zom's arena.
Any comment or suggestion is welcome. Let me know if you find the training costs/miniquests requirements balanced. I am no native speaker, so tell me also of any typo you may find


download here


23/3/2017 v0.8

Added miniquest at Concrete forest apartments for Electrician and Mechanics training, plus cash reward repeatable miniquest if you don't want or need training
Changed icons at ATN training camp for better diversity and identifications

12/3/2017 v0.6

Added training for Melee, Ranged, Botany, Trapping, Tracking and Hiding at the ATN campsite

Nice idea and good luck with the project!

As for the training of the Athletic, Tough and Strong skills, Zom Zom's arena seems like a kinda obvious place. Maybe add a mini-quest where the player has to do something first, to gain the Muthas trust... Like bring them certain amount of human meat or a DMC guard's armor, to prove their worth. Something like that ;)

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Thank you very much for your suggestion.

I was thinking of adding some mini-quests to gain access to the training at DMC and at Zom Zom.

Here is a sketch:

DMC clinic:
recover a lost/stolen first aid kit/Nanorobot Medical Kit outside DMC, and bring it to the medic to gain access to the training.

how do you make items/enemies spawn at special locations?

DMC apartments:
retrieve Laptop, Cellphone, Smartphone, iSlab and cracking software to gain access and progress through hacking/electronic training

Zom Zom:
Bring human Meat, along money. No meat, no training

Worth noting: you can kill Melonheads for a guilt-free source of human flesh.

Technically they're still human, but the player will do a LOT worse than ending a violent mutant's suffering over the course of the average game.

I prepared Explosive Runes this morning!

Not to sound like a total n00b, but how do I install this? And is a mod the only way to get positive traits, or can you get them some other way in the vanilla game?

I'm playing the game with Steam btw.

You could have edited your post, there's a link in the lower right of your post to do that. Just so you know :))

EDIT: Sorry, could have answered the question as well... I'm guessing you need to go to c:/programs/steam/steamapps/common/neoscavenger (or something like that) and unzip the folder "Training Mod".
Then you have to take the getmods.php file and put it in the neoscavenger root folder (again, the path I guessed above).
Start up your game and if it takes a little longer than usual, you probably have succesfully installed the mod. To be sure you have to get to DMC or the other spots where you can learn the skills.

kk thanks

Just tried it on the latest version but it doesn't work.. When can we expect the next update on this mod? :D also great work, I don't want to play anymore without your mod :3

EDIT: ok my fault mod is working fine, I messsed up a bit

Yeah it no longer seems to work in 1.15. Anyone know of a way to go back to NeoScav version 1.14?

I'm running on v1.15, with the Monster Mod and Training Mod. I can do mechanical training in Detroit but I can't train at the ATN campsite. The ATN trainer is available, but I can never select anything except exit. Anyone have any idea what's up with that?

If it helps, I've usually had Botany, Strong, and Melee when I made it to the ATN. Since Detroit is working, I'm wondering if there's a glitch in the ATN logic because I already have some of the skills.

Thank you all for your feedback,
let me know if you feel if the cost/time for training is balanced

For the next release I've already balanced some costs and added a new encounter at DMC health clinic where to train medic skill. I might even add an option for medics to gain some cash every few days by doing work shifts at the clinic, in exchange for tiredness/hunger.

Quite strange it doesn't work anymore in 1.15, I haven't tested with it but it looked like there were no changes to the files of the mod. Anybody else has some other issues with 1.15?

As soon as I have some spare time I will check and test again the ATN encounter, there might be some wrong PreConditions. BTW which is the monster mod?

Hi! Is it possible to add higher tier skills such as Melee>melee2>melee3 with increase effectiveness with each level?

Of course there is, the question one should be asking is if you can make them linear. IE, making it so you need a prerequisite form of the skill before getting later versions. The modding community has been putting skills in for a while now, and I'm sure there's a way to make it so that taking a skill will open further paths for that skill.
I only say this because 1) I find it to be an interesting idea. 2) Cholera has increasing levels in this, so maybe that could be used as a guide. Maybe how eagle-eye removes the option to take myopia, and vice versa. It's been a while since I did conditions diving, so this could be complete nonsense...
Whatever the case, it might work.

Rar! Rar rar rar! Thanks for reading :)

not working :( I got to the city and there's no event in the concrete forest :(

Hey aat, I'm seeing what mlanqsdorf is describing on v.1.15 with NeoScavExtended and TrainingMod installed.

Here's a screenshot.

EDIT: It's possible the issue lies with the fact that both TrainingMod and NeoScavExtended modify base game data? This is my getmods.php.

nRows=4 &strModName0=NSE &strModURL0=NeoScavExtended &strModName1=0 &strModURL1=NSEoverride &strModName2=TRN &strModURL2=TrainingMod/TrainingMod &strModName3=0 &strModURL3=TrainingMod/0

EDIT2: Found a solution. Moving the TrainingMod entries in my getmods.php to 0 and 1 fixed this for me, as below. As far as I can tell, NeoScavExtended still works, though if I find any issues I'll update this post.

nRows=4 &strModName0=TRN &strModURL0=TrainingMod/TrainingMod &strModName1=0 &strModURL1=TrainingMod/0 &strModName2=NSE &strModURL2=NeoScavExtended &strModName3=0 &strModURL3=NSEoverride

Yeah, I had a similar problem when running NSE with my mod. Only in my case, NSE had to be loaded first. Weird how just switching a load sequence can change everything, right? :)

Rar! Rar rar rar! Thanks for reading :)

Hey I'm not sure if this mod is still being updated or if anyone here is still answering questions but, anyway, I'm running Neo Scavenger Extended in my get mods with this one. However, when the game starts to load it arbitrarily stops at 59%. Does anyone know how to fix this problem?

Those dogmen are a pain in the ass but hot damn if they aren't adorable

Hei Trophicllama,

thank you for posting,

I'm not sure what the problem could be. Unfortunately mod conflict are tedious to sort out.

you could try to change the mod order, as in albany_ post
the important thing is that these two strings remain together in this order

&strModNameXXX =TRN &strModURLXXX=TrainingMod/TrainingMod

where XXX is the mod order number.

I'll reprise development next year, as I changed computer/country/timezone and I don't have much free time now.

The mod is fully playable, though; the only thing missing is training for the remaining skill.
The slowest thing to do is actually not the coding but the dialogues and descriptions, as I like them to fit seamlessly into the game

Hey thanks for the reply,

yeah I'll try to rework the order and try to figure out what the problem is. Anyway, it's nice to know you have plans on continuing your mod and good luck on future development

Those dogmen are a pain in the ass but hot damn if they aren't adorable

Hello! I am looking forward to trying this mod, but I can't seem to get it to work, even when it is the only mod loaded. My Neoscav version shows as 1.15. Is this mod able to function on this version?

The problem seems to have been that the supplied getmods.php does not contain "Mods/" after the "url#=". I placed this and the mod loaded!

Been playing the game with this mod installed and I notice that, the mechanic at Concrete Forest Apartments, I give him the assorted small parts and choose to train the Electrician (more than 20 times now) and still I didn't get the skill.
When I ask for money, he says that I need to wait for the profits of the selling. Days later and I don't see the money.

My questios is: Am I doing somenthing wrong?

Love the mod by the way.

Hi MrSolidOne,

there is nothing wrong here, 20x20 assorted small parts is still very little to get the increase in skill.
from the readme, if you were only to give assorted small parts, you would need to give 200 x20 = 4000!!
giving in instead a mix of goods:
5 laptops, 10 iSlabs, 10 Smartphones, 20 Cellphones, 30 x20=600 Assorted small parts

"I need to wait for the profits of the selling." means that you did not reach the amount yet.
I see it might need some rebalance here, electrician and mechanics are not that game-changing skills to be so difficult to get. I remember I actually lowered item requirements in my latest dev version.

I will take a look and upload my latest version (that also has medic skill training) in the next weeks.

thank you very much!

aat, is development still going on for this?

if so, would my DevKit mod be of any use to you?
if not, or yes, is there anything more you think it needs to make mod testing more streamlined?

OverHaul Mod
DevKit is an upgraded BBC mod.

Sure! i've just revised the files, split into individual files instead into a unique xml, and finalized the medic skill training at the Haggerty clinic. I will upload soon the new version

I'm already using the DevKit, it's very useful, without it I would have not manged to debug and test.

btw, do you know to which extent my mod is compatible with your Overhaul 2.33?

No but it's likely that some things on the vanilla xmls will need to merged.

OverHaul Mod
DevKit is an upgraded BBC mod.

Okay, so I'm new to mods and this is probably a GIGO question but if I download this and you add more skill(s), it will update me automatically?