NEO Scavengers: Tell Me Your Stories!

Hey Folks! As many of you know, I'll be launching the iOS and Android versions of NEO Scavenger soon. And along with it, a new and improved NEO Scavenger trailer!

However, I need your help.


We're planning to showcase some "NEO Scavenger moments" during the trailer, describing some of the more dramatic, funny, or even confusing experiences players have had. This will (hopefully) show new players what they've been missing, and why it's worth their time to take a look.

Ideally, we need examples of the following:

  • Gravity (1 sentence): What was an example of your early, pitiful death?
  • Storage (1 sentence): What was your first "eureka!" moment related to storage/carrying items in the game?
  • Triumph (1 sentence): What was your most triumphant moment in the game?
  • Unnerving (1 sentence): What was the most messed-up thing you did in the game?

The more interesting the story, the more a viewer will want to have similar experiences. But remember, it has to be short enough to fit! If it takes a paragraph to set-up and get to the point, we can't fit them all into such a short trailer.

So if you've got an interesting story to tell, post it here! I'll be monitoring each of the social channels where this is posted for feedback. And even if you don't have a story, please spread the word so we can reach others who might!

Thanks, guys!


Asthepanda2iscool2's picture

Pitiful death? I actually remember my first time playing. I ate some yellow berries, then died. Never did that again...
"Eureka" moment? I found out that I could wear plastic bags as capes and makeshift backpacks.
Triumph? Killed three dogmen in a row... with my bare hands. That's a lie, I shot the first one a couple of times, but ran out of ammo.
Unnerving? Killing spree. Not for anything in particular, just to kill. Also cannibalism (same spree).

Rar! Rar rar rar! Thanks for reading :)

Sazan's picture

Most pitiful death: Learned i could Heal up after fighting a couple cannibals. Couldn't find any real shelter, fighting off diseases and cleaning wounds... rain rolls in and I contract sepsis then died of it.

Biggest Eureka moment, Learning I could wear rags on my face as air filters and look more intimadating.

Triumph? That'd the time I killed two dogmen, I had nothing but a makeshift spear and some raggedy pants, learned to sew gloves that day as well and to wear pelts.

Unnerving moments huh? Those are pretty common... but in honesty it was most likely the time I found a man tied up to a gas station pump, I left him behind unsure if it was a trap, I'm certain I sentenced that man to a slow painful death. Still even though I've killed quite a bit, something about that man scarred me permanently. Oh right... took his shoes as well.

"People wonder how anyone can be an outcast out here...Hang out with me and you'll understand"

Galaxy's picture

Well most pitiful death I had was after defeating a Wolfman, everything on me broke, I was bleeding but had things stored in the cryo chamber. I slept one hex away from it and was ambushed and killed by a feral dog. Storage moment was probably finding out that I could could craft a makeshift sack, that was satisfying. Triumph was after about 50 hours of play time I teamed up with three other DMC guards and killed the merge wraith. Messed up thing would probably meeting a defenseless woman who didn't have anything, leaving, and following her only to slit her throat and eat her. You gotta do what you gotta do to survive ya know.

A new Zom Zom's coming to a wasteland near you!

RealNewDeal's picture

Pitiful Death: Armed to the teeth with full armor and a War Club against a dogman, I start the fight having just slept but due to a glitch my character blacked out in the middle of the fight after a short period and was subsequently murdered.
Eureka: When I realized trapping allowed me to create a travois almost as soon as the game started.
Triumphant: When I discovered how a broad spear could shred anyone while staying out of range of their melee and could be created as soon as the game started.
Unnerving: Beat a DMC guard unconscious in some woods, stole his stuff, waited till he woke up and summoned a drone, destroyed the drone for gauss gun parts, knocked down and slowly kicked the man to death as I wanted to conserve my war club.

Hell No!

StanTheSpy's picture

Pitiful Death: Beaten to death by a looter with a stick after getting screwed by RNGesus and missing 3 shots with my pistol
Eureka: Realizing I could carry a shopping cart with no penalty if I engaged enemies from far enough away to drop it before fighting
Triumphant: Getting the DMC wrist thing from the ghost lady in the forest for the first and only time
Unnerving: My psychopath playthrough, killed everything but blue frogs because I didn't want to get close and risk getting infected

Grown man wearing an assless hospital robe and child's backpack

Kratargon's picture

Pitiful Death: Hmm, I wonder what happens if I take off this useless bead thing around my neck? OH SH-
Eureka: When I realized I can empty bottles of water onto the ground and get paid for it without losing the bottles!
Triumphant: Finding a $5,000 picture of a sloth on a laptop.
Unnerving: Kicking people while they're down, slicing them up and eating their raw corpses.

FireStormDarkClash's picture

My most pitiful death? Well that would be taking the wrong blue pills: blood thinners instead of sleeping pills.

Eureka! That was finally being able to re-purpose all of those unnecessarily large sleeping bags into Santa sacks.

Triumphant: Surviving the Saginaw mental institution using a combination of wits and player skills, and getting the best outcome to boot.

Unnerving: Getting into a fight unarmed, getting shot with an arrow, ripping it out of my flesh and then using it to stab the guy who shot me to death.