what should i do with all my money?

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what should i do with all my money?

hey forum, so i got 8 500$, and i dont know what to do with it :D i allredy have full mechanical eyes, and food isnt realy a problem any ideas? :D


update: 10 000$


It is your choice mate. But my advise is getting items for end of the game.

By that point I usually start looking for advanced items. You could do this by looking in the junk market, but I doubt you'd find anything. Guess this comment doesn't really help.

Rar! Rar rar rar! Thanks for reading :)

At this point and time I like to make a solid base Camp, Roughly 15-25 Tiles below The Tribe. Or 25 tiles To the left and 20 tiles to the north of the City.
And you can always try killing DMC Guards for fun and try to get legendary Weaponry. But by this time you probably already have the best of the best.

My name is spelt like this. ( June-Co Or June-Ko) Not Junk-O K? k.

I spend my money on Food, bullets and Gear replacements. There's not much to spend money on after upgrades. Realistically I would figure out a way to live in DMC, Grab an Apartment and live care free, for NEO SCAV purposes, gear replacement is just fine.

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