I Did It! I Did Actual Gamedev Today!

Like, in a code editor and photoshop, with debugger and config files and everything!

Actually, let me back up and apologize for yesterday's lapse in blog posts. Something I ate Wednesday decided that night it wanted to be un-eaten, and spent the next 16 hours in a staring contest with me. After a day-long diet of almost only water, it finally won, and I was able to start eating solid foods again. Interestingly, the only remaining symptoms today appear to be muscle fatigue from the vomiting. I chalk it up to an Alien: Covenant publicity stunt.

Now, back to gamedev. Which I did! I swear, it's been weeks since I've done anything involving code or pixels, and it was nice to be back. I had just enough time today tackle some tasks, and at 4:45pm, I was able to check-in my work.

It's nothing terribly exciting, mind you. Some new button art, rearranging some UI placement on the main menu, and some configuration changes. Really, some of the most pedestrian of game changes. The most exciting bit might've been some on/off display logic for user status. But even that is closer to what I signed-up for than inbox-juggling and phone-management.

I am so looking forward to the next time I can write actual game logic for days on end :)

I did some other non-gamedev stuff, too. (I mean, of course it couldn't be an all-gamedev day :) Updating some new achievement text on the stores, some more business emailing, script review for the trailer...after a day away from computers, it would've been hard to justify skipping another day of business admin responsibilities. Particularly with a weekend upon us.

And likely, Monday will see me back at the admin helm. So it was a brief fling. But on the plus side, it definitely feels like we're sewing this thing up!


Galaxy's picture

When do YOU think the game will be released? Going on a trip next Saturday and would like a game to play for the plane ride :)

A new Zom Zom's coming to a wasteland near you!

Kreezh's picture

I'm also curious if there's a release date in mind. This game is in my periodic "check for release dates for iOS " queue along with Six Ages, Sunless Sea, and Darkest Dungeons.

dcfedor's picture

My current gut feeling is April. Still minor things to do, and a trailer to finish before I can launch it. And with the new website coming up also in April, it seems many roads converge then.

I may need a new gut by then, though :)

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games