Rapid-Fire Management

Hey Folks! Today was a whirlwind of activity, as more management tasks came to important junctures.

First of all, I saw the new website! Like, the actual living, breathing new site. And it looks pretty good!

It's still Blue Bottle Games. And it still has pretty much the same pages and structure. But it's been streamlined a bit, polished, and a few areas reorganized, particularly with an eye towards more games in the future.

And it does still require some work. A few cosmetic fixes, functional changes, and the email system is missing. But it's there and really real! It could be publicly available in...a month-ish?

Also, I spoke to my friends over at Digital Cyclops Productions about the upcoming trailer, and I'm starting to get excited about it. I think this is going to be fun, and importantly, in good hands! Josh is going to put together a script, and once that's ready, we'll go to work on filming. ETA about 4 weeks until ready.

Tiago's pretty sure he's found a fix for the iPhone 6 issue Josh saw the other day, so that'll be coming down the line, too. I still need to get on that UI design homework he assigned, though :)

It feels good to finally be seeing movement on pretty much all fronts. After months (close to a year!) of work and coordination, mobile is nearly done, the new site is nearly done, a new trailer will be done...April may be an interesting month!