Website Preview? And More Biz Admin

Hey Folks! Another busy day of phoning, emailing, and accounting. I finally started digging into tax documents for 2016, and it's going to be another "fun" year :)

In more exciting news, Josh (video trailer Josh) may have found our first official bug! I'm not counting the billions of bugs Tiago and I found during internal testing, of course. It appears his iPhone 6 has zoom/cropping issues making the game hard to play. Since neither Tiago nor I have that particular handset, this is a good thing. It means we've detected it before an actual customer with that screen size and/or device pays money only to find it breaking!

And in even more exciting news, the website is ready! (?) Or close. I think, anyway.

The Jibe emailed me to let me know the new site is ready to demo, so I have a call with them tomorrow afternoon to review. I'm sure we still have some stuff to sort out (not the least of which is email servers). But this is pretty cool! I figured it was a ways off yet before I'd see the new site. Looking forward to it!

I guess we'll know what I think of it in tomorrow's news :)