Email Frenzy

Hey Folks! Hope everyone had a good weekend. I apologize for the missed news post on Friday. We took possession of our new home, and well, if you've ever bought a home before, you know firsthand what kind of blast radius that has on your schedule :) Needless to say, this is going to be an interesting next couple of weeks.

When I wasn't hauling garbage, cleaning, or stuck in traffic, I've been constantly on the phone or emailing. Between the upcoming mobile game launch and the house, I'm suddenly the hub of dozens of communications streams.

The game trailer is a "go," and we'll be kicking that off in the following week. I've already started accumulating potential notes, quotes, and ideas with Joshua, and I'm hoping it turns out as cool as we think it sounds. Should be quite an upgrade over the old, 2012 one!

Tiago's got the achievements up and running again, and identified some new UI elements I need to create. Plus, some UI stuff that can be hidden on mobile needs hiding.

I had another afternoon wrestling with Apple's iTunes procedures, as I try to advance the build status to the next ready/review state. I swear, there have got to be hundreds of steps involved, many of which I accidentally discover along the way. I don't think I could've done this on my own. (Thanks, Tiago!)

The future likely holds more of the same. I have some achievement stuff to integrate into Tiago's code changes, new button graphics and UI layouts to do, and then another metric boatload of emails and decisions to make.

You know when you're a kid, and you think about what it's like being an adult with a grown-up job? You picture getting up early in the morning, getting the newspaper, and then sitting down to a desk to start making "important decisions and phone calls?" Except, as a kid, you can't imagine what the heck all those decisions and calls would be, and how could they be that hard?

I found myself thinking about that this afternoon. And as a kid, I think I would've been like, "oh, I see. That's actually not exciting or fun at all." My to-do list literally looks like:

  • Pay one guy for work done
  • Review a contract.
  • Sign contract and send it back.
  • Send down payment to different guy for work started.
  • Call the bank to complain about payment system malfunctioning
  • Pay self, and withhold taxes.
  • Briefly wring hands about upcoming game launch revenue.
  • Feel better knowing people are asking about said game launch all the time.
  • Figure out which IRS forms I have to file to remit my withheld income taxes
  • Send those IRS forms in, along with remittance.
  • Figure out which forms I need to send to my tax accountant.
  • Send said forms to accountant.
  • Review list of old and possibly dead URLs on website.
  • Inform web developers of said dead URLs
  • Review list of issues and bugs for game project, looking for which has priority.
  • Send email to developer confirming plan for the week.
  • Reply to some fan/social/press emails.
  • Take a few moments to envy those that went to GDC and PAX.
  • Email videographer about some footage I need.
  • Write daily news post.
  • Fail to post news due to 403 error.
  • Start bisecting my post for the magic text that broke the site.

Somewhere in that list, I'll clear a bit of time to actually open coding or art applications and do "actual work." But man, running a business is not sexy at all.

I think the one thing helping me put up with it is knowing it'll all calm down in a while. Once the game is out, I'll still be busy with support and press. But there will come a quieter time where I get to sit down and code the space game. Make systems and worlds. Tinker in my shop, and show off glimpses from time-to-time. Oh how I yearn for those days :)


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well you seem organized at least

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I think I used to be more organized when I started the business.

But then, I also had way less stuff to organize :)

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games