All Cylinders

Hey Folks! Hope everyone had a good weekend. We had the pleasure of playing Pandemic Legacy with some friends the other day. Interesting evolution of the boardgame! Almost feels like a really structured (rules) role-playing campaign session. So far, a couple rioting cities, 1 scarred character, and an incurable disease, and we've only finished January.

Tiago's still hammering out the achievements code, as well as sniping smaller bugs here and there. Things are still looking pretty good on that front. The game is mostly ready for public consumption, and I'm turning my attention outward to some public-facing assets.

First on that list is a trailer. I've decided to have one professionally done, and I'm speaking with the producer tomorrow. His enthusiasm is already a welcome addition, as I think both Tiago and I are wearing down a bit. And having some eye-candy at the tail end will be a nice reward for all the hard work :)

Also, the website team has kicked into high gear, as their developers begin implementation of the designs. This could mean a new site up and running in the foreseeable future! Unknown yet if this will time well with the mobile launch, but if there's room for coordinating, that's definitely worth adjusting for.

And apart from those, our lease ends next month, so we're prepping for yet another move. We toured the property today, and all appears well. So next steps are to get things moving.

As a result, I may be slow to respond at times as things get taken care of. I'll still be able to check-in fairly regularly, and even work normal days much of the time. But I may disappear suddenly. Just a heads-up: this is normal :)

Anyway, it's nice to see things finally taking-off all around me. Feels like Blue Bottle Games is shifting into a new phase!