Gear Switch, and OOO Monday(ish)

Hey Folks! I'm in a bit of a holding pattern with some of the tasks I've started, so I decided to switch gears today and spend a bit of time on the space game.

Namely, naming it! (pun intended)

I think I've got a name I'm going to stick with. After many a false start and unoriginal idea, I finally arrived at something that can be mine. Mine! And I think it might even suit the nature of the game a bit better than my previous ideas.

It's been sitting there on my list for over a month now, and I've been turning it over in my head from time to time to see if I grew tired of it. But it's still pretty interesting to me, and I still like it. So I think it's a go.

Plus, it's mine! Only mine! No other games use it yet!

Not posting it just yet, though. I'd like for the announcement to contain a bit more fanfare than some text buried in a Friday blog post :) Maybe coinciding with some art or other assets to make it more exciting. But it's a bit of a relief to finally have that figured out. Soon, I won't have to say "NEO Scavenger Space Game" :)

In other news, Monday is a stat holiday here. So I'll be taking the day off. And I'm likely to be scarce during the week as we prep for yet another move. This one might be the last for a while, though, as we're finally getting a house of our own! But as you might expect, that comes with a mountain of paperwork and running around. Perfect time for launching a game (not).

So I apologize if I "go dark" for a few days. I think I should be mostly back to normal after that, though. Maybe lower productivity here and there during the move, but hopefully, no major stretches of radio silence.

Anyway, hope everyone has a good weekend!