Hey Folks! Today felt a lot less productive than it actually was, but that's probably because it fizzled near the end.

Looking over the remaining issues, one of the higher priorities is finishing the store-related tasks. E.g. achievements, leaderboards, store text and images, etc. There are already a batch of achievements done, so I could technically call them done.

However, of the 20-30 in the list, only 2 are visible. The rest are hidden until discovered. And that kind of sits strangely with me. I fell like there should at least be a few more visible ones for people to peruse and pursue.

As it turns out, we had others listed that do just that. But we didn't add them yet because they are a bit trickier to implement. The require some custom coding instead of piggybacking on existing systems. So that's what I set about doing today. And I even got three done!

I ran into one, however, that needs to check the servers for a list of achievements, and I'm unsure if it's worth the bandwidth/processing it'd take (since it'd need to be checked frequently). Going to run that one by Tiago for suggestions.

In other news, I updated and paid my business's excise taxes for January. So that's done for another month. And Josh sent a revised ship construction track for the new space game, and it sounds very sweet :)

So in retrospect, not a bad day. But man, I feel pretty useless right now. I guess it's the dwindling progress towards the end of the day. That's fine though. I think tomorrow should start fresh enough, and I have some specific tasks I can tackle!


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I find mid-difficulty achievements to be the best -- they take a bit of work, so you feel satisfaction when you get it; but aren't so hard that you fail many times and give up frustrated.

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I think I'd agree. I wouldn't enjoy trivial ones much, and the really impossible ones would frustrate me. But the ones that are just challenging enough to warrant practice/learning to reach moderate competence.

Though, based on player feedback, "easy/hard" can be quite subjective :)

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games