It's the (Almost) Final Countdown

Hey Folks! Hope everyone had a good weekend. Pretty tame here. Errands, yardwork, and some silly dancing with the little one.

I think we're approaching the end here, as Tiago and I discuss the last batch of issues and transitioning into support mode. We have a few more things to add/verify with achievements, in-app purchase to unlock full version, some other launch stuff, and bugs.

The list is shrinking. 22 open issues, 10 of which are critical/required before launch. Of those 10, the breakdown is:

  • 3 are fixed and awaiting verification
  • 2 are store/launch tasks
  • 3 are random crash bugs that we are having trouble finding
  • 2 are medium bugs

Not too shabby! Of course, any of these could inflate to a bigger deal upon investigation. And we could always discover more. But that's a manageable list. Possibly only a week of work, based on previous weeks!

That said, there is still going to be a lead-time until launch, as app stores do their reviews and approval of the game. There could be some back and forth here if they find things we didn't. But it's all coming together, and a bit scary :)

Unfortunately, I've already wasted one day without solving anything. And that may not be the last time, as we have to move out of this place in a few weeks. But I'm feeling optimistic. It's been a while since a bunch of new bugs were discovered, so we may be actually near the end!


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