New Help Pages, and Stack UI

Hey Folks! It was a GUI-centric day today, as I shored-up the new touch controls version of help, and decided to add a toggle for item stacks.

The new help screen looks pretty much like yesterday's layout. I moved a few things around for clarity, and tweaked the text a bit. But the idea is the same. The one addition is stacks, of which Tiago reminded me.

I've had a long-standing bug on my list to figure out some way to show whether the current cursor mode will work on a stack or a single item. On PC, this is just an icon on the cursor. But on touchscreens, there is no cursor. And the context menu is the only way to change whether the tap operates on a whole stack or not (and blindly, at that).

So I set about adding a new UI button for stacks. It looks similar to the cursor mode toggle button currently on PC, and sits right below it. This way, the user can change cursor modes and stack/single all in the same button cluster. And, they can see the current mode!

And for the heck of it, I spruced-up the design a bit to add LED indicators to each, so it was clearer which was active.

While I was in there, I also added mobile-specific tooltip text for buttons that mentioned hotkeys.

Overall, it was a busy and productive day! Lower priority stuff, but they were big tasks that mostly needed doing before launch anyway. And now the game is that much easier to use!