Crashing Camps and Achievement Art

Hey Folks! Still plugging away at crash bugs today. Though, I also did a bit of housekeeping and finalizing for achievements:


If that doesn't say "achievement," then I don't know what does!

Android and iOS achievements require 512x512 art to go with each. And I've had this on the back burner a while because I don't know what the heck to do. With the list of remaining issues getting short, it's time to start tackling this stuff to get the launch in order.

So, behold the boot! I figure boots in NEO Scavenger are as much a big deal as anything. I guess I could've used the Urn item from the Hidden Lake house. But, this one sort of suits the scrappy, practical, off-brand humor of the game.

Crash bug-hunting is still ongoing. I managed to stumble upon one today after 45 minutes in a session.

It looks like a campsite was listed as socketed, but not actually socketed. This could be taken at face value, but it's also possible it was nullified before it tried to save data. But after loads of trying to make it happen again, setting up camps everywhere, with items of varying descriptions in each, no dice.

In the end, I noticed a lot of the rest of the game checks both the socketed flag and if the socket is null before doing anything, so I decided to follow suit and add a null check there. Even though it does stop the cause, it stops the symptom. And with the bug so hard to reproduce, combined with dwindling time left to fix it, this is a decent compromise.

(I also added some debug output in there, just in case it does happen again, so I can glean some more info.)

Only a moderately productive day. But I think I can close the achievement finalizing issue tomorrow now that I have that art!

Slowly but surely, we're getting there!


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Speaking of achievements, just look at how much the codex loves you still: NS ranks on number 8, when rating the best RPGs of the last 5 years. That's just something, ain't it. :) They do things like that and then I remember why they have remained the one forum I still love and hate with equal passion. :D

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Achievement get: ACHIEVEMENTS!

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@linibot, Wow! There's a slim chance I might even fall off the "5 year" list before the "top 10"!

And yeah, while the 'Dex has its share of vitriol, I've had some really valuable insight and encouragement from that gang. There are definitely some who know their RPGs there :)

@ManJones, only took 5 years!

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