Encounter Trigger Fixed, Battles Next

Hey Folks! Just a quick note today, as I'm running late for making dinner.

The encounter trigger fix is in, and required some more strategic placement of null reference handling in the inventory UI. Basically, when the player used the sign at the Last Chance diner in the sprawl (or any encounter trigger item), the encounter would delete it on the first page (to avoid the player using again while already inside the diner, recursively entering it).

Unfortunately, this all happened midway through the "use item" code in the UI, so the game did all this stuff to clean up the used item after it was destroyed. Guess what next? That's right. Our friend null reference.

Once that was fixed, it was off to the next null reference issue: battles.

It seems that if I throw a bunch of DMC guards and Bad Muthas into a hex, and enter their battle, I get a null ref when one dies. My target specifically, I think. I'm guessing this is due to their sprite or combat "pair" data being deleted and the battle UI trying to display it. But I need more time to sort out what or why.

But that's for Monday. It's weekend time, so have a good one, all!