Economy sim and trading in NS2

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Economy sim and trading in NS2

Going off many of the points listed here, I'd like to propose a trading system for Neo Scavenger 2.

Everyone in the gameworld needs food, water, shelter, and safety; when they have all of the above, they crave luxury. Near the DMC, you have all of these, luxury included if you've got the money-anywhere else, someone's going to lack at least one.

Water trading would most likely not be a thing-water would still have value in settlements, albeit negligible, but not something worth filling up an old tanker truck with and hauling around Michigan. Food trading would be done on the level of luxuries (junk foods, wine and booze from the DMC; moonshine and other primitive alcohols everywhere else) and large shipments from established enclaves-you're not carrying a single cabbage, you're carrying a truckload.

Shelter is provided by enclaves, but randoms will likely pay you for guaranteed safety in escort.

Safety takes the form of weapons-melee or ranged, primitive or sophisticated.

While random enclaves will happily trade among each other for anything another cannot provide, the DMC has everything it wants-generally. Any trading deals in the DMC are limited-time offers when someone needs something *right now*-or are based on your ability to dicker at the Junk Market. What the DMC needs above all else, however, is raw materiel. Wood, metal, limestone for concrete-all of these the DMC wants, and is willing to pay for. But a predictable payday means those who supply the niche already will be jealous of anyone cutting in on their gig.

Luxuries are always valuable to anything but the poorest of enclaves, and are thus a guaranteed payday-gold is a rarity; but a nice suit, a quality entertainment system, an exotic pet, or a fine piece of jewelry is guaranteed scrip even at the paranoid places that don't take DMC Dollars. The more advanced or less scrupled may even trade in fenced prosthetics or outright slaves.

Of course, tools probably fit in here somewhere...but you get the gist, right?

I prepared Explosive Runes this morning!

I'd really like to see a real economic system in play. Some for of supply-demand system as well. Perhaps some skills could come into play, such as varying levels of a barter skill, where the base skill allows a 5% bonus to sales, the second goes up to 10%, and etc. Also, you said DMC Dollars, and I would love to see different communities have their own currency.

What I would give for a tanker full of water... Or just the tanker itself.

Rar! Rar rar rar! Thanks for reading :)