Philip died to blood loss when taken just 3 blood thinner pills!?

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Philip died to blood loss when taken just 3 blood thinner pills!?

Is that blood thinner blood loss effect working right???

Phil took unidentified blue pills as sleeping pills and die to blood loss about 3-4 days later.

It's seemed like taking pills action was "stocked" some how and action screen showed that pills have been used when character didn't even possessed any of those pills.

Phil didn't experience any physical violence during this vomiting/ blood loss disease.

One of the longest and humorous way to die in my NEO playing history :D

Game version 1.14

It's also possible you had some other internal disease, and taking blood thinners just delayed the healing process or even actively made it worse. Maybe you had sepsis, which reacts really badly to blood thinners in the game. You mention vomiting, so it's even more likely that you had poisoning or cholera. Without medic all these diseases aren't noticeable till pretty late. And they can all kill you, or one of their symptoms can kill you, or a combination of the disease and the symptoms and the pills can kill you. So many fun ways to die and we will never know which one you picked. ;)

Either way, moral of the story: Overdosing on random pills is always entertaining, if you like dying. :D

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Lel American Opioid epidemic

Wait, you took 3 blood thinner pills? or did it just show up three times as status or what?

And by the way: I love how almost everything in NEO Scavenger is more or less realistic (oftentimes more). I mean, for example how you don't know youre sick until symptoms show up and unless you're a doctor, you dont even know from the symptoms what disease you have. And most of the time, things are mostly logical. Or can be made more logical by mods.