Firing Up the Old Flash Code

Hey Folks! A little bit of old and new today, as I worked on both the mobile port and Flash version.

Yup, you heard that right. The Flash version.


Hello darkness, my old friend...

Our own linibot is a shrewd negotiator, she is. And her way with words convinced me that it might just be worth a micro fix shimmied into the code to bridge the gap until I can start testing the mobile version as a desktop replacement.

You see, autosave has caused no end of headaches for players, as a quick peruse of the forums will indicate. And as part of the mobile port, I think I may have stumbled upon a fix. Or a partial one, anyway. The bit where the campsite becomes inaccessible and/or misplaced in the corner of the screen? That bit might be fixed in mobile. And I think I can fix it in Flash.

However, I was a bit scared about posting a new patch with just this tiny fix in it, especially after almost a year of no new patches. Would folks be annoyed that the only update was a boring bug fix?

Maybe. Then again, some folks might welcome the change. And all will probably at least appreciate the old beast getting some minor grooming. Plus, with mobile launch eluding me over the past few weeks, the desktop port is probably not as close as I imagined.

So...let's do this. I'm going to see what I can fix about that autosave/camp bug. I'm unsure if it'll fix other autosave bugs, such as game save corruption. But if I release it as a test/beta build alongside the normal one, maybe some users will give it a try? We'll see!

In addition to the above, I managed to do a bit of mobile work, too. I integrated the fixes I added before the holidays back into main line, and updated my copy with Tiago's recent fixes and changes. So I think my code is now up-to-date and ready for me to resume fixing PlayerCondition memory.

Feels good to be seeing code again!


linibot's picture

I briefly considered feeling guilty about contributing into any more of your precious time spent with ye old flash, but.... I'm sorry, I can't. ;) That autosave bug and me have been staring each other off for way too long, I would just love to see its back. In fact I'm doing a lil jig now. XD Fingers crossed it's going to be easy, quick and painless!

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Don't feel bad for knocking some sense into me :)

The fix was actually pretty trivial now that I know what to do. The only hard part was dusting off the old build processes and getting them working again. And on the plus side, now that I don't live in the woods anymore, uploads are faster!

Now we see if autosave is safe or just safer :)

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games