Softcore mode?

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Softcore mode?

I love this game to death, its addictive as hell, but also incredibly frustrating. So, I would just like to know if anyone would ever be able to make a mod that adds any one of the following;

-Solid save files [Looking through the forum, Ive seen a few people asking for this but most seem to reply with the fact that the developer doesn't want it added. Really? That's WHY games have a modding community. lol. People should be able to add what they want.]
-A mod to stop the auto-save file from deleting itself when you die
-The ability to respawn at a prior camp when you die instead of going back to the main menu, ala Minecraft/Ark:SE
-Specific points on the map to respawn at, ala Don't Starve, or
-Some other kind of solid checkpoint?

It is really frustrating not being able to experience the entirety of this games amazing writing and lore just because the developer decided you should replay the same section of the game a million times before doing so.

The whole reason Dan doesn't want to do this is because the saves are saved outside of the Neo Scavenger files. Modding something like this into the game would either A) Take very long, or B) Not work at all since the files would overwrite each other. I get that you could be able to just have numbers on them and assign them to a specific save slot, but that would require manipulating core game files (you'd run into all sorts of problems there because you'd have to release a chunk of the games core files WITH the changed bits- since if you pasted it into the original spot it would over write the original).
What you're asking is a tremendous problem, one that can't clearly be solved. I'd advise just being careful when you play, it takes way less effort, and a hell of a lot less time.

Rar! Rar rar rar! Thanks for reading :)