Mobile Testing, Music Making, and Taxes

Hey Folks! Hope everyone had a good weekend. We pretty much hibernated here. Though, we did have a nice walk yesterday in sub-freezing weather. Not quite like the picturesque winters up north, but on the other hand, no shoveling!

Today was largely about getting things prepped for the week ahead. Tiago's latest status report looks promising, and we think maybe this time we're really, actually, nearly done :) The last time we thought so, we were interrupted by memory leak hell, and we think we're nearing completion on that. And Tiago's been able to snipe several of the smaller issues over the past week, so we're back to making progress!

Meanwhile, in the space prototype, Josh and I are deciding whether to proceed with this procedural music experiment. The samples I sent him had some issues in the timing. At first, we thought it might be samples getting cut-off before they finished. But the more I listen using simpler test patterns, we might be having trouble with gapless looping. E.g. there may be exactly 1 beat between when a clip is ending and the next starts for a given track, and this is going to cause lag to creep in over time.

It's a weird lag, though, because it's in-time with the beat. Just off by a whole number of beats.

I think there may be a workaround for this, but we may have to fall back to more traditional music. Basically, the way the rest of the game (and NEO Scavenger) works: periodic, randomly-selected tracks.

Finally, tax stuff. I haven't paid myself yet this year since starting the LLC. And I need to do that. And the tricky part about that is that I need to withhold the correct amount of taxes from my paycheck. And in order to do that, I need to know what I'm going to pay myself.

Fortunately, I shouldn't have this conundrum too often. Once I set something up, it should be easier to continue it. It just feels like I'm setting this kind of stuff up every month these days!

Anyway, I'm going to play with taxes for the rest of my day. Have a better night, all!


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Sounds like you'll have funny salary negotiations. ;-)

Can't you play two tracks in parallel? This way you could start the following track sooner.

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@Malacodor, on top of that, it feels really weird to take money away from the business to pay myself. Like, I still psychologically identify with the business, so it's like an alternate "me" is losing money to pay myself.

As for the music, yeah, I think that's where I'm going next. I'll just have a second object lined-up to start the next track when the first object finishes.

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