Email Services, Music-Making, and Other Admin

Hey Folks! Just a quick update today, as I have to run and start making dinner with the fam.

A good chunk of today was spent researching ways to fix my email woes. And current thinking is to offload my email (both personal and website-generated "transactional" emails) from my webhost to a dedicated email service. Something like, GSuite, etc. Still unsure which. But eventually, the new site will be using them anyway, so maybe now's a good time to start moving the email portion over, since my current solution can't reach the Microsoft world.

Second, Josh's latest tracks. I finally got some recordings of the dynamic music-maker with various mixing params, and I want to see what he thinks. His last samples had a sort of Harold Faltermeyer "Sneaking around the mansion" vibe, while this is sort of an Outrun "tropical Ferrari breeze" meets Autechre. And since it's pseudorandom, it sounds slightly different each attempt. I've wrapped-up some videos of it so he can hear for himself, and we can figure out what to do.

Finally, business as usual. Emails, deal offers, and other things that need attention. Some of which were tough calls. And unfortunately, that means I got little actual dev done today.

Oh well. I still think it was a pretty good week. Some good dev work on mobile, website fires (mostly) extinguished, important decisions made, and progress on all fronts.Time for a break! Have a good weekend, all!


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Anase Skyrider

I finally started following your development progress again. It's been a few months. Anyway: I can't wait to hear the tracks.

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For transactional emails I've used sendgrid in the past and they were pretty good.

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@Anase Skyrider, I hope to be able to share something soon! Working out the kinks in the random timing right now.

@mebdev, yeah, sendgrid is on the short list. Mailgun is also on there, as rackspace might be a solution for regular email. And Mandrill is a potential since I've already used Mailchimp for a newsletter. The developer also suggests Gsuite.

Ultimately, I just want simple, reliable, and cheap. Or as many of those as possible :)

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