Play on the phone?

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Play on the phone?

I have a question, if I buy the game from the website and I get access to the game online, can i play it from my cellphone?

PS: Sorry for bad English

Do you mean the Flash/Web version on this site? Or the future mobile version that's being developed.

The answer is "no" to both questions, but for different reasons:

Flash/Web Version:
I don't think this version works on cellphone browsers, because it uses Flash. I don't think any mobile/cellphone browser supports Flash anymore. In theory, if you find a mobile browser with a Flash plugin, this may work. But it is untested.

Future Mobile Version:
I am also building a new version of NEO Scavenger specifically designed for tablets and smartphones. This will be on the iOS iTunes store and Google Play Android store, and must be purchased separately from the desktop version on this site.

Hopefully, that helps answer your question!

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

Ok, then I will wait for the official phone version, thanks, can't wait, have a good day :)

If I got the game on steam can I also get access to the flash version?


@zakco0123 unfortunately, no. Flash access is only available to customers who purchased the game on this site. Sorry!

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games