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And im dead

I made it to the glow which was alot of fun to get there. Great story too when you arrive!! Maybe about a week in game time after the glow encounter my guy just droped dead of diarrhea. There was no warning in the medical tab. I was watching it closely because i had some wounds to keep up with plus i had anti biotics and nanos med kit and med ability so im sure whatever came up i could of taken care of it. I know dysentery would take you out but there would be symptoms. N e ways it was a valiant effort but in the end i [email protected]#t myself to death. lol. It was fun though and i am looking forward to trying a different character build. Insomnia seems under powered from the cryo to end game I never had n e problems getting enough zzzs and staying well rested. One more thing I didnt have the botany ability so i never ate any fruits or vegtables the whole time so maybe that had something to do with it. Either way it was alot of fun!!

I've played tons of times and never got there, so it's some kind of success!
A perk that gave a stronger immune system would be good. I've drunk water from streams loads of times. Though there may be some sort of mutant virus lurking about in the game, or maybe cryostasis makes you a bit weak all round?


Oops, I forgot to reply to this earlier. Dusky's diarrhea death was a bug. Turns out, I accidentally set diarrhea to be fatal in the game data. Sorry about that! Should be normal now (fix was a build or so ago).

@Guzzleguts - But have you rank water from Michigan streams? Just kidding, you're probably right that cholera is way too common in NEO Scavenger's water. What I should really do is make cholera water a small chance, mild disease a larger chance, and fresh water a slight majority. That way, folks know there's a risk, but might gamble a bit. I'll let that swish around in my brain over the weekend.

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Fatal diarrhea is a feature not many games can brag of!

Re: water. I think you have the right angle on it. A gamble with favourable odds seems about right. If your bpdy is already messed up then drinking bad water could easily tip the balance. But if you're dying of thirst I would think that drinking stream water should usually be worth the risk.


Re: water -> I understand why you'd make the odds that way as a gameplay mechanic, but there's no way that drinking water in the wild is anywhere nearly as dangerous as it is in this game. In the real world it's not like a 50/50 chance of getting sick. In fact the odds are very low, and become much much lower with just some basic knowledge about identifying problem sources. It seems like one of the benefits of the trapping skill might affect the quality of water scavenging. clearly, someone versed in animal movements would be aware of using water sources to find animals, as well as knowing what sources have high traffic and would be much more risky to drink from. I know it's the post-apocalypse, so if it isn't going to be adjusted maybe it should be some sort of other contagion that makes it so problematic. Might help with the lore. Anyway, just some throwing out some ideas.

Fatal. Diarrhea.

One thing I've noticed is that sickness hits in waves. Not just one thing...but 1-3 illnesses at once without warning. Then you pop a pill, get a good night's sleep, and you're good to go again. God forbid you try to camp out & a dogman find you, because you're as good as dead in that situation.

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Re: 1-3 illnesses at once, that could just be a UI issue. I originally had cholera include diarrhea and vomiting penalties, all rolled into one. However, other illnesses were added later which also needed those effects. Since it wouldn't be fair to have those effects double-up, I decided to break them out into their own symptom conditions, so all illnesses could share them

That way, you're either vomiting or not, rather than possibly double-vomiting.

And yeah, the water is slated to be a bit more forgiving in the future. Probably as we're describing, with safe water being in at least a slight majority, with mild and serious contamination being uncommon and rare, respectively.

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games