[Mod idea] DMC Expansion (probable spoilers)

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[Mod idea] DMC Expansion (probable spoilers)

Don't read this if you haven't played the game

So i Wrote a super long post last night but there was server Maintenance by the time i was finished and it all got lost.

My mod idea is still in the planning phase and i've decided it's better to start off slow and build from there. That said, I will begin:

To begin with i want to add a few new places to the DMC,

1. Firstly i want to add the ability to become a DMC citizen, currently the player can get access to a visitor pass to gain access to the DMC interior, it is my goal to expand this and here is how:

-Adding in a new location within the DMC, I'm leaning towards a Governors office. the current Governor could be a descendant of the one mentioned in certain news articles but i currently haven't a clue on the specifics just yet. Regardless my goal is to make said location a visit-able place within the DMC interior, ultimately i would like to tie in skills to the encounter, for instance a player with the unstoppable skill gets a request from the governor to meet while normally players would have to be tricky about it as the governor is a busy man, the possibilities are extensive.

-The governor, while the specifics of his/her identity are yet to be determined his role isn't, the ballpark idea is an assigned errand/quest the player can complete and be rewarded with Citizenship, Probably in the form of a unique skill similar to elusive and unstoppable

2. Secondly to expand upon the previous idea and give it purpose i would like to add places available to those who have acquired this new citizen trait

-Apartment. Upon becoming a full fledged citizen the player would be able to rent an apartment. which along with giving the player motivation to go out and earn some money could also provide a safe place to store items, with options to unlock certain thing, IE...a fridge to store food items, weapons rack, a closet. this could add new items to the game, furniture to improve comfort and the like. I feel this addition will give the player a reason to earn money as well as have a goal to achieve. it could also give cause for a new carpenter skill which could add a new dynamic into the game. this will be expanded upon later
(i'm not sure if it's the vanilla game or Chiko's extended mod that allows the player to rent a spot at the parkade for long periods of time but i imagine it working in a similar way)

-School/institution. An additional perk of citizenship, this location would work in a way similar to the clinic, offering the player a way to earn skills, classes would cost so much and would possibly fatigue the player requiring rest and multiple classes in order to unlock the skills, this could be a way to unlock mechanic, electrician and other trade related skills. with the exception of lock-picking which would be learned elsewhere

-Gym.The gym would be a location where the player could acquire the strong, melee and tough skills. could take multiple attempts to unlock the skills and have a chance of injury occurring. could also be a place for the player to purchase melee items although the vanilla game lack enough variety of these specific items it would be nice if these locations were compatible with mods that add in new items which would increase thier usefulness

-Dark alley. the dark alley could be a possible location for acquiring the lockpick skill as well as a possible black market good sight the workings of which aren't thought up yet

-Gun club would be a location for the player to acquire the ranged skill. in addition to that the gun club could offer survival training for the Trapping and tracking skills as well as a place to buy guns and ammo possibly while being offered only to citizens so as not to break the feel of the initial vanilla game

3. Ultimately i would like for this to eventually give access to a new map accessed via the option to rent a hover craft which
from what i've read doesn't seem possible so i'll leave the details of that on the back burner for now until i have more experience with modding the game.

I really enjoy this game and would like to thank it's creator as well as the modding community. The reason for this idea is that after a certain point i feel like i'm just exploring and collecting money for no reason other than to do so. i feel these additions would give myself a goal to achieve, a reason to venture out and earn some money to pay my rent. i feel it would also cut down on cheating. Anyways that's it for now, questions comments concerns are welcome

also being that i have no experience with sprites and such if anyone has advice about such things that would be very much appreciated, also a question about item id # i've noticed the use of 4 digit item codes and i was wondering if that was a restriction on the game or if i could use codes of 5 digits or more so i don't have to check each xml individually to make sure i don't use one that's already in use.

*Edit* if anyone could let me know what font the DMC location icons use that would be very awesome, i'll remake them once i learn it until then i'll just use ariel

Progress-things to do

Make a list(Status:Ongoing)
Started working on the encounter chains for the city center,
slowly learning how it all fits together,
pulled all the haggerty encounter code i could find as reference material,
going to sketch out the encounter flow chart on paper,
worked out a rough version of the citizen reputation, itemprop, itemtype, condition, based on Unstoppable

While I know little about modding (adding new items anyways, along with locations), I do know that there was once a "Core City" tab while in the DMC interior, which you could only get through by being a DMC citizen. I'd love to see this mod develop, and I think, and I'm sure that other, more experienced people in the modding community (such as Chiko) would love to help.
Also, I think the DMC location icons use Ariel, but might be using Times New Roman, or Proxima Nova. (This is with the assumption that Dan didn't make his own font)

Rar! Rar rar rar! Thanks for reading :)

this is my first real attempt at creating something, pretty much ripping the game code and re-purposing it (cuz i'm lazy). i'm working on adding 2 new locations to the DMC interior map, The Business District near the center area, and the [name yet thought of] for the governors location over near the pyramid thingy. i'm having trouble loading the images for either (2 giant red X's) but i have their general locations set in. mostly tweaking the locations until i come up with a fix for the problem. not sure what i'm doing wrong (not that i now what i'm doing anyways) i took the png for concrete forest and replaced the text then changed the name used the name for the strimg but it's no good. could it be because i haven't created a mod setup for it and am just manipulating the game files to test out stuff? or did i screw up saving the file? or is there a step i'm missing? so many question lol. i would love to borrow any knowledge i could.

*Edit*broke game. *Edit* fixed game.*edit* so i think my previous problem was i hadn't added my images to the games getimages file which is why they wouldn't load despite being in the image folder, which is irrelevent now that i'm creating a mod folder. now my problem has changed into that i seem to not be good at modding. my mod has no effect on the game.


<pma_xml_export version="1.0">
- Database: 'neogame'
<database name="neogame">
<!-- Table dmcplaces -->
<table name="dmcplaces">
<column name="id">8</column>
<column name="strImg">btn_dmc_bscr</column>
<column name="nEncounterID">1</column>
<column name="nX">350</column>
<column name="nY">300</column>
<table name="dmcplaces">
<column name="id">9</column>
<column name="strImg">btn_dmc_gvn</column>
<column name="nEncounterID">1</column>
<column name="nX">570</column>
<column name="nY">135</column>

Try creating and adding the encounters to which they point.

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encounters are a bit confusing at first glance. kinda like learning a new language. what i'm thinking is that i can use the haggerty clinic as the groundwork. i still have alot to learn.

talk to chiko, he made a bike that makes it easy to move around and it will cost less to get around, so if you can tlaki to him you could possibly make the hover craft a vehicle item that will carry stuff, and can attach a weapon that you can use hands free and will make it a free move as long as you have the electricity to charge it, like you can have the chiko car battery and a few laptop batteries to store lost of electricity or make a special battery you have to get in order to power up the hovercraft and it will be costly or hard to get without losing citizenship because you stole it, either way it should be tons of room to store tons of electricity in, also you should be able to unlock very advanced weapons and tools as well as gear, like accessing the DMC police HQ and having all of the state of the art tech at your fingertips, make it so thta it can be another ending harder to get than the camp greyling and better, maybe even make it connected so you dont have to go there to do things linked to greyling. All in all oyu should have tons of extra things you can do and live a less survival type life and have a working life or ... stuff like that...

i would have to talk to chiko before including any of his stuff into my mod.

hovercraft vehicle is doable, was thinking about trying to add tiles to the bottom of the map and use the teleport function tied to an encounter involving a hovercraft crash, repair it to escape, get to keep it, that's a tall order though. will take me a bit before its within my capabilities, for now i'm going to work on adding a location to the Dmc.

My goal, ultimately, is to make my additions self contained so that they don't conflict with any other mods. that way they can be used in combination with other mods without being dependent on them. or at least that's my hope.

i could use some help with encounters. i found a little out about nitemsID in the mod talk forum. but i'm still confused, where is it indexed to? what does it do?

nItemsID is the ID (obviously) of a TreasureTable which should contain all the "non-material" items used within that encounter. Which mostly means dialog icons. You don't really have to create a new one for each encounter screen - one per the entire section is enough, in most cases.

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Thanks Kaaven makes sense now

Hello Kaaven, do you know how to make new recipes and change existing ones, which file do i go to, what place in the code do i change and how do i link up every aspect, i.e. the name, the materials, the crafting recipe so i can completely make and change things to make things out of other stuff or make my own stuff? If you do can you tell me. Thanks.

The file you are looking for is called "recipes.xml" - no surprises here :D

Both tools (strTools) and components (strConsumed) are taken form the ingredients list (file "ingredients.xml") and the output is taken from the treasure table (file: "treasuretable.xml").

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Please don’t tell me this thing never was published!!

Sadly, I don't think so, im working to learn how to mod NeoScavenger in my free time and im looking in this section of the forum for good ideas I can use to expand upon :) Even thought the game is 7 years old, I still think it has crazy potential.