Achievements, Bugs, and Finances

Hey Folks! Now that Josh and I have had a chance to hear the dynamic music, we've agreed to tweak it a bit in the future. Probably with some shorter pieces for more variety. However, before that, he's going to work on a few more standard tracks, to further nail down the style and have more reference material.

So, I've turned my attention back to the mobile project.

First up was testing achievements. Tiago was able to get the basic system running, and all seems well so far! What's more, I think most of the achievements should be pretty easy to do now that the system is in place. We're currently looking at about 20, most of which are hidden until found.

I also got a bit more testing in, and logged some new bugs. Some misplaced UI bugs, possible loot bugs, audio, etc. Nothing terrible, though those loot bugs could cause plot issues. Going to look into those tomorrow.

I also managed to fix an issue or two during the day. Campsites were getting dislodged when AI was in the player's hex with autosave turned on (usually in battle). It's possible this is related to the weird behavior on PC. At the very least, it causes misaligned campsite icons and temporarily invisible items. So maybe a long-standing bug fixed?

I also fixed the way stack remainders get positioned if the user slots a stack into a socket that only holds a single item. Normally, on PC, this isn't a problem as the remainder follows the mouse each frame. But on mobile, there isn't a constant mouse position update until the user taps again. So the remainder disappeared to the top left corner. I added code to leave it where the original stack was, for easier reference.

Finally, I did a bit of financial research and chatting with the accountant. Now that I have a corporation (LLC S-Corp), I have to figure out what to pay myself. And that decision is more complex than "how much do I want?" E.g. how much did the company make? How much did it lose to costs? What is a "reasonable" salary compared to non-salary distributions? Do I want distributions?

I'm probably too poor this year for this to be a problem, but this is good info to be aware of. You know, in case NEO Scavenger Mobile sells like hot cakes and makes me rich :)

Anyway, back on mobile dev for a while. See you tomorrow!


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If mobile users are sufficiently fed up with dumbed-down games, NEO Scavenger might indeed sell very well. No, I totally don't have any prejudices against phone games. ;-)

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Jokes aside, I really have had trouble finding hardcore strategy, RPG, and simulation games on either iOS or Android. There are some, to be sure, but way less than I expected. Especially of the "take your time, turn by turn" style.

So I'm sort of expecting I can get some decent traction on mobile just by capturing the underserved market. The questions are:

1 - Will I choose the right price?
2 - Will enough people hear about it?
3 - Will the user experience be good?

I think if I succeed on two of those questions, I can survive failing the remaining one. Though failing #3 is definitely worse than the others.

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