Bug or something else? Also hacking a save file advice.

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Bug or something else? Also hacking a save file advice.

Hello!! so recently after one of my best characters ever. (and i have been playing since early alpha). Now im not dead but something has me VERY angry as i have never messed with hacking. I found a laptop with a 5339$ video on it. I immiediately ran to the junk vendor to sell it. I opened it turned it on. Ok value is correct. I set it down. And huh weird i did'nt get any money for that. i pick it up. The greedy bastard charges me for the full value.... WHAT THE HELL!!

So clearly im very very angry right now. I had 5600 on me with the silver urn. (grinding water up by the ATN) Was this something that i did wrong or what?

One question: When you set it down, was it on then?

If no, then that's normal - complicated and annoying, but still normal. The laptop needs to be on at the moment it's dropped into the store, otherwise the value of the files doesn't count (the vendor can't see them).

If yes, then that's definitely weird. The fact that he charged you full value afterwards is not weird, just infuriating I imagine. ;)

However there is no currently known bug that has to do with the stores or hacking or laptops in this build (it's an old build, we'd have known by now). There is of course always the rare but unlucky possibility of a weird, unrelated null pointer bug. Those tend to pop up in random places, usually after one has been playing for a long time without saving/restarting. But tbh it doesn't sound like one to me, from what I know. This sounds to me more like some sort of confusion with the peculiar way the stores handle files.

Whichever the case, that is a severe case of bad luck you run into. :|

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