UI Fix Day

Hey Folks! A bit more productive today, but still nothing like a few days ago.

Most of today was UI related stuff. The first thing tackled was adding the pixelsupertiny font to the game for use in stack counts. We had been trying a scaled-down version of the tiny and mid sized fonts used in the rest of the UI, but it had legibility issues on some screens. This one seems more stable.

Then, I restored map labels that had disappeared. It seems to be that their camera settings were wrong, so they were probably being drawn in another view someplace. And while I was in there, I restored the shadow to help legibility over the hex art. Both of these may have been casualties of switching from Flash-based fonts to Bitmap fonts.

Finally, I'm looking into missing hex illustrations in some encounters (such as when hearing noises outside of Zom Zom's). I think I've got this one fixed, but while in there, I realized the conversation one may also have the same issue. And when I went to test that, I noticed I couldn't converse with anyone.

So, possible bug there? I'll be looking into that next.

These are getting really, really minor, which is good. Like edge cases and rare events in game.

Plus, Tiago just had me setup a bunch of burner emails for testing iOS in-app unlocks of demo/full version. So the store stuff is coming along, too. All good signs that we're nearing the end!