Bug Busters

Mobile bug hunting continues today, and we're knocking them off left and right.

Today's fixes included:

  • Changed end of demo text to be less confusing now that NEO Scavenger is no longer in beta.
  • Fixed newlines in encounter descriptions to match PC spacing.
  • Fixed player's target unseen creature sprite position on combat UI.
  • Fixed context menu staying open when hacking laptop.
  • Fixed rest & heal button placement when slide tray closed.
  • Fixed pills not going into pill bottle sometimes.
  • Fixed hide/unhide button sync with actual status.
  • Added code to prevent player moving when clicking attackmode area.
  • Changed edge of demo hexes to limit sight.

And Tiago's tackling the more difficult ones (e.g. input and touch, resolution, performance) while I snipe the UI, logic, and other bugs. I logged a few new ones, too, while testing. But I think I actually closed a good chunk of the new ones again, so we're hopefully still trending in the right direction!