More Combat Bugs, and Inventory

Hey Folks! The barrage of bug-fixing continues today, with finalizing combat fixes, and moving into inventory.

The issue with unconsciousness wearing off too soon turned out to be what I thought yesterday. A simple fix to the way the game checks for an items' properties resolved it, and dogmen were happily falling unconscious from shock, and importantly, staying that way :)

I then turned my attention to slot bugs. Namely, we were having trouble applying stacked bandages when the last bandage was in hand.

This turned out to be a deceptive bug, as the problem appeared to be involving stacks, but turned out to be slot hitboxes. The new touch input changes didn't account for some slots needing pixel-perfect hitboxes. Wounds are slots, and they all overlap in the same big box around the body, with only a small portion opaque. This was causing the wrong wound to intercept touch/click events when applying bandages.

After some changes to the way buttons intercept input events to account for alpha channel (only in slots and wounds), this appears to be working again. There might be an issue with the high degree of precision needed here and touch input, but only testing will tell.

Tiago also made a significant improvement to the inventory: the ability to drag an item for precise placement. Previously, the player would tap to pick up an item, then tap to place it. This often resulted in items missing their target, and returning to the source point. Tiago added some code to improve this placement, which tries a few placements before giving up, and the result was much improved placement success.

However, there was still an issue with really deliberate, fine-tuned placement. Like wanting to put pills into a certain bottle that was near another bottle, or between two objects.

With Tiago's update, it now works a bit more like the mouse did. Tap once to pick up an object, and then the user can drag that object around the screen, easily seeing where it'll be dropped when released. This should be pretty intuitive, and I think it'll fix the remaining user experience issue I worried about. We'll see in testing!

Finally, I've started looking into the new slide tray action button UI, while Tiago continues testing demo/full purchase path, and other bugs, such as sound playback on android.

Productive week so far!


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How are you handling applying bugfixes on two branches, where you presumably can't just copy/paste those changes? I have a special loathing for doing this.

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Do you mean Flash vs. Haxe branches? I don't apply them to the old Flash branch anymore :)

I'm still hoping to swap out the Flash version and replace it with the Haxe one someday, and any fixes I add to Flash at this point would be wasted energy. Especially since many of the Flash bugs don't exist in the Haxe version, and vice versa.

And if Haxe PC doesn't work out, I might abandon the Flash engine to die a quiet, dignified death so I can focus on getting something new out. I'm starting to feel the financial squeeze of not having released any new games since 2014 :O

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games