combat movement grid

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combat movement grid

so i was in a battle with two creatures and i run away from creature one distance to creature one, 30something. distance to creature two, 2ish except creature two is at apparent distance 1 to creature one making me at grand total of distance 3 from creature 1. so i am now breaking the laws of physics. and I just thought wouldn't it be nice if you had a movement grid while in combat.

me "i killed a dogman with bear hands"
dogman Chomp
me bleeding to death in one blow

Well, the short answer is: You aren't exactly wrong. :) The way the game handles distance with more than one opponents is a bit iffy. Sadly, changing that is somewhat of an undertaking that I'm not sure the dev would be up for with the finished game. But I think we can hope for improvements on the representation of the combat system in the follow-up NEO Scavenger games.

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Kaaven alerted me to this, and Lin's response is on target. This is indeed a shortcoming of the 1D combat system I added.

Interestingly, the original combat system for NEO Scavenger was in the overworld hex map. Some of you veteran players probably even remember it. It played a lot like Civilization, in that you attacked creatures in adjacent hexes by navigating into them.

The plus side was that you had free 2D movement, and could take advantage of line of sight and terrain, and tactical positioning.

The down side was that you only had three actions to choose from: attack, move hexes, or wait. Also, there was no concept of range, so melee and ranged weapons both required adjacency. (And since each hex represented about 1km across, making ranged span multiple hexes was a bit unrealistic.)

Basically, the combat got more gritty and interesting in 1D, but sacrificed field positioning.

I think in the next version/sequel of NEO Scavenger, I'll probably try to combine the two so that the player can still use the current variety of actions but on a 2D grid. Probably a sub-grid that takes place within an overworld hex.

It's a tall order, though. And I hope to avoid damaging one of the things many players laud NEO Scavenger for: combat logs that inspire imagination!

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I know this particular thread is from a while ago, but I couldn't help my self from commenting.
Anyone else imagining XCOM with dogmen and MellonHeads?

Rar! Rar rar rar! Thanks for reading :)

I actually visualize it more like the old Jagged Alliance games. That combat was fun :D

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I liked Silent Storm, too. I loved it when a baddie decided to hide in a wooden shed, and you could just unload a belt-fed MG turning the building into a cheese grater.

Or tossing a grenade into an old building to blow open a floor or wall and expose the sniper inside :)

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That too :D Also...

OMG!!!!1! MG 42 and grenades confirmed in NEO 2!!!!!!!!! ;)

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New combat move: pull grenade pin and demand surrender :)

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