A new cryo-awakener appears!

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A new cryo-awakener appears!

Hey all, just wanted to introduce myself to the general wasteland here... Hello? Anyone here? Oh good i think i heard someone... Wait... Its a giant dog on two l... BLARGAHRGAA.........*pant pant*Well ok lets try that again, Hey all just wanted to make a proper introduction my name is Björn (or Bear) in english, just a friendly swedish viking that have a lot of experience in indie games and usually help developers out with their pre-releases and i must tell you that i LOVE the look of this game, for me its the unofficial Fallout 3 (yes that FPS/RPG mutation doesnt count in my book) and to boot it all off its an indie game too! So hopefully i will get to know you all over the time (and steal your ketchup packets when you sleep) and dont be afraid to add me to skype if you feel like just talk to me or get tips on good indie games and even talk to some of the devs ;) (just for privatys sake pM me if you want it :))And now i bid you audOHDEARGODTHATDOGTHINGISBLARAGAHAHGA...


Haha, i KNEW this would happen. Go forth fallout 2 fans, spread the word!!!Also... it's just a matter of time before we might need a rol section in the forums, for the RPG fans to tell their adventures :DI will take your offer and add you, very interested in knowing more about the indie scene.

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Cool, welcome to Blue Bottle Games, Bear!I totally encourage helping out the new players in their first shaky steps. Where I've failed in instruction manuals, players like you will succeed! Though, don't help too much. Too many living scavengers means less stuff leftover ;)And the role-playing forum is not a bad idea. Maybe I'll do that now!

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just played the demo for the first time myself... wow im hookedhope to see updates soon!

Markofbear suggested introducing oneself, so hello!I'm a big fan of Nethack and other roguelikes, Incursion is especially nice (damn shame it's been on a development hiatus for a couple of years) so NEO Scavenger is just the bee's knees.  Can't wait to see what the future holds.In case anyone is wondering, my name and avatar come from the very best episode of the show American Dad!.