And because humans like to fight... Armor?

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And because humans like to fight... Armor?

Hi, I'm following the News for a while now.
From all what I have read I assume this game (which I like very much) is meant to include a good amount of realism. The new Wounds-System is progressing very nicely and the player is able to treat wounds, disinfect them, heal them and take a good drink against the pain ;-P
But what is missing by now is how to protect against wounds. If I would be in a situation like that, my first step (after clothes, which are also meant to protect) would be to improvise some sort of protective gear. Take some branches, some strings and make yourself a nice armor so the Dogman bites wood instead of flesh. (Yeah, good boy! Get the stick!)

But it is not just about fighting, good shoes are meant to protect your feet, as are gloves for the hands. Still everytime my Avatar is to fail a scavenge, he hurts his legs and feet or his hands. Shouldn't my squirrelgloves or boots help me against such things?

I hope I found the right words. Literally. English is not my first language :-)

I agree, we should be able to tan squirrel belts (fur+knife+ash) to make a leather armor of sorts. Not as warm as the squirrel jacket, but pretty good for armor.

Also, rare bits of pre-apoc armor should exist- motorcycle helmets, and riot jackets.

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I like the idea too. I have a few notes written down about armor possibilities. It would require some new code to adjust damage based on armor worn on each body part, plus some new item art. I have to figure out what the next priority is, though.

I started plot work a couple months ago, and put that on hold to address combat/wounds. Plot is one of the biggest missing pieces of the game, especially now that combat is fixed. So I feel that I should return to plot work and try to at least add a little more before tackling a new feature.

Also, the feature voting seems to be active lately, with plot and bigger resolution at the top of the priorities.

Armor is still on my list, though. Once I update the beta and demo with the new combat, it might increase sales again, which could give me some more time to add new features. I hope so, because homemade armor composed of patches of car tires sounds awesome!

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