Crippling, Balancing, and New UI

Progress remains fast today, as I had a lot of time to test and tweak wounds, plus made updates to UI for better clarity.


One of the last major pieces to the wound system is hooking up effects and tools for crippling conditions. As of this afternoon, the crippling is almost done. Both arms can be crippled independently, and doing so causes any held items in that arm to fall to the ground. What's more, that arm's hand slot is blocked until the crippled status is healed on the arm.

Crippling both arms locks out crafting, and some battle moves, until one or both arms have mended. The pain of the wound has its own effects as well.

Legs are a similar story, as crippling one will send a creature to the ground, plus invalidate certain battle moves. Cripple both legs, and the creature is down permanently, unable to use the "get up" move, or most others, for that matter. There will likely be movement penalties on the map to go with it.

Internal Bleeding

I've also added a penalty for severe blunt trauma: internal bleeding. If blunt trauma is bad enough, it'll start bleeding internally, causing blood loss that cannot be staunched by a bandage. This is bad news, as the creature is at the mercy of their own healing rate to escape such a condition.

You won't know if another creature has internal bleeding or not, but you can see your own status. You can also see if opponents are bleeding normally.

Wounds in Action

Now that the wound system is stabilizing, I can take a screenshot of it, so I did!

IMAGE( Bad day for a dogman.

It took some doing, but the dogman is really hurting from the beating. Still putting up a fight, though. You'll notice the battle log is now a lot more verbose. It tells not only who hit who, but where and how hard. We can see a few easily visible effects he's suffering, as well as the fact that we're bleeding.

For more info...

New Conditions UI

The conditions screen has had a UI overhaul, and now shows wounds in addition to current conditions.

IMAGE( Ok, so maybe a bad day for me too.

As you can see, the dogman got his fair share of hits in, and I'm pretty torn up. Bleeding in quite a few places. And sore all over. I'm not in a crisis yet, though. Pain is the worst off, as hardly any time has passed in this battle for bleeding and infection to ratchet up.

Fatigue is also pretty low. I've adjusted battle moves to be much more costly in fatigue. All that running around and whaling on each other is going to work up a sweat!

You'll notice the conditions are reduced to title only. I may make these roll-overs in the future. But for now, they get the point across.

New Stat Bars

You might also notice a slight change to the stat bars. There are now have red and green arrows on the right side of each. Stat bars will change these arrows based on whether the last change was positive or negative. This should make it clearer which stats are improving vs. getting worse. As expected, most get worse over time, though we can see the "burden" and "comfortable" bars are stable.

With this new setup, I may remove the "Outdoor temp" bar entirely, as it is only there to communicate if one is getting colder or warmer. The new arrows tell that more compactly.

It's all coming together nicely. I still need to put together splint items and effects, to handle dressing of crippled limbs. I may also tinker with a few non-limb effects, like concussion. That has yet to be determined.

Overall though, we're getting there!