Wound Fixes, Condition Messages, and Press Coverage!

The wounding system was working much more smoothly today. The focus was more on working out the kinks than building, and I was able to get quite a bit of testing done. Most of the time, it involved me standing there, letting a looter pound on me with fists or a monkey wrench, with an occasional kick thrown in for good measure.

Wound Tweaking

One of the tweaks involved the pain threshold. I had to dial pain effects down quite a bit because a handful of slight wounds were causing creatures to go into shock. Realistically, it seems more like creatures should be in pretty dire straits before falling unconscious from pain.

At it's new level, it'd take something like a severe cut and two broken limbs to send a creature into shock. Smaller wounds can do it too, but it'd take quite a few. I may have to look into a special case for sudden, severe wounds. E.g. if the amount of wounds sustained in a short time is great, that too seems like it should induce shock.

Bleeding was a similar story. Just a few cuts, and creatures were bleeding out within 2-3 battle turns. It seems pretty unrealistic that a creature with a couple superficial cuts would bleed to death in the time it takes to swing a few punches. So I ramped that down quite a bit, and so far, it seems more manageable. The goal is for bleeding to be an immediate concern after battle, not "right this second, as the dogman is facing me."

I'm also considering making some changes to blunt trauma, since right now, it is impossible to die from it. Blunt trauma causes pain, and crippling penalties, but not death (no blood loss). Realistically, blunt trauma needs to be a threat as it gets near the severe end of the scale.

What I may do is introduce external or internal bleeding, once a blunt wound is above a certain threshold. This way, it's possible to die of severe blunt trauma through hemorrhaging. I'm also considering adding a few location-specific conditions, for really severe blunt trauma to places like the head or chest. It seems like bone-crushing wounds to the skull and ribs should carry additional consequences.

Condition Messages

I also made a fundamental change to the conditions system today. Previously, only the player's conditions were broadcast in the message window. The battle screen had to hard-code which conditions to talk about on the NPC.

I changed conditions to be more generic, such that both players and NPCs can put messages in the message window when they receive a condition. This lets me say things like "Dogman is unconscious" or "Looter has a crippled right arm" without having to hard-code each special case.

The message window now has a lot more info passing through it, and it might be too spammy now. But it should be easy to adjust.

Press Coverage!

NEO Scavenger was scooped again!

School of Hard Knocks - 'NEO Scavenger' Takes Survival Seriously

Dominic Tarason wrote a flattering piece on NEO Scavenger's upcoming combat and wound features. I planned on contacting some press folks once the combat and wounds were in the beta and demo, but it looks like they beat me to it. I'd better get cracking!

That's all for today. The beatings will resume tomorrow!