Wounds Functional, and New Title Music!

I finished hooking up the rest of the wound locations today (yesterday was just the upper arms as a test). I was able to have a battle with a dogman, and he tore me up well enough for me to bleed to death, despite my constant beating him with a crowbar.

The time scale on bleeding is a bit off, so I'm tweaking it now. My minor blood loss added up way too quickly, and shouldn't have bled me out in a handful of combat turns. I think combat turns are a bit more realistic now, but it'll take some more testing. I might have to reduce it more.

My test combat also exposed one big missing feature: wounds that debilitate a combatant. I nailed that dogman a fair number of times with a crowbar, and the dogman just kept coming. In reality, a few of those hits should have crippled him, breaking an arm or leg, and making it harder for him to attack/pursue me. Similarly, I might've taken a few hits that should've crippled me.

So I've started working on a way for individual wounds to apply conditions when they get above a certain severity. An arm fracture location, for example, should cause the player to drop anything they are holding, and prevent actions that need that slot from working. Similarly, breaking legs should remove the ability to run, and perhaps even walk.

I think I've got some code for this, but I need tomorrow morning to finish work on it.

New Title Music!

If you have the sound on the next time I upload a build, you'll be in for a treat. Josh Culler has composed a new piece for the title screen!

The echoing horns I composed served well as a placeholder, but I think josh's piece does a good job of hinting at the loneliness and desolation of NEO Scavenger's world, so be sure to give it a listen once the next build is up! Thanks Josh!

That's all for today. I'll be back tomorrow, and hopefully with some more wound testing results!