Gutting Old Wound System, Hooking Up the New

Lots of data rewriting today. After creating the conditions that get applied when creatures lose too much blood, feel too much pain, and have infections, I had to hook them up. Reviewing those old wound system values and hooking up the new ones took most of the day. There are currently almost 200 conditions in the game, and a good chunk of them (thirst, hunger, hypothermia, etc.) need to affect things like the rate of healing, recovery of lost blood, fighting infection, etc.

Plus, a lot of the old plumbing for the original wound system needed to be removed, and in some places, new code had to be written to fill the gap (e.g. pop-up text used to say wound status, and now needs to say something else).

It's a lot of data updates, and that could mean drastically different gameplay and balancing. On the plus side, the simulation of a living body is better represented, with the various systems interacting now more than ever. One good example is if the player wants to heal faster, they're best served by holing up someplace, and staying warm, well-hydrated, and well-fed while they rest.

Another example is if the player comes down with an infection, they will start having trouble regulating temperature. The narrower comfort range will mean easily slipping into shivering or overheating. Antibiotics or other remedies will help, but again, the best strategy when infected is resting, eating, drinking, and staying warm.

I still have to test the values out, but that's the plan!