More Wound Locations, Bandages, and Test Run

I spent most of the morning working on the rest of the wound locations on humanoids, plus their bandages. Since Friday's effort added the ability to make equipped items look different in each slot, I was able to make bandages for each wound location. Here's what I've put together so far:

IMAGE( NEO Scavenger's electric bandage golem--I mean bandaged wound locations.

This is the set of wound locations I'm going to try for now. It's not the most comprehensive, but it covers most of the body. Most wounds can be either bruised, cut, or both. The elbow and knee areas have wounds that can be bruised or fractured, but not cut, representing a fracture in that limb somewhere (not necessarily the elbow or knee). Any wound that is bandaged with clean rags causes them to become dirty within a day or so, requiring new, clean bandages or else risk of increased infection. Splints may break down over time, but shouldn't get infected.

I'm hoping this gives a decent amount of variety. A handful of wounds should mean a serious threat, requiring staunching of bleeding, disinfecting, and possibly splinting. The ongoing pain management (lightning bolt brightness signifies pain) is it's own concern, and the constant prevention and treatment of infection should keep most battle-worn players busy (and rightfully afraid of battle).

Test Run

I managed to get some test wounds hooked up today, and performed a test run against a dogman. After a few bugs were worked out, he was able to claw at my shoulders and cause cuts, bleeding, and occasional bruising. Much tweaking is to follow, as the dogman's claws hardly felt threatening enough, and the wounds were healing almost as fast as they were received (possibly another bug).

I'm also experimenting with some improved battle messaging. I may be able to be a bit more descriptive in the message window, indicating which area was hit, using appropriate language for the severity and type of wound inflicted.

As always, the bug-fixing and fine-tuning phase is turning out to be as much work as the feature itself. But it's good to have things even marginally working. Tweaking and testing a system is fun for me. And hopefully, the end result will be fun for everyone else!

Night all!