Equipped Item Refactoring, and Drugs

Progress slowed down a little today as I ran into a speed bump. As I was figuring out how to apply bandages and splints, I noticed some shortcomings in the code. For one thing, some effects were being double-applied when bandages were added and removed multiple times. Also, the way wounds currently work, bandages always looked clean, even if they had degraded into dirty bandages.

While it's possible to live with that, I think it'll be much better to quickly see dirty bandages for what they are, without having to roll over them for info.

So, that meant rewriting some of the item socketing code to handle different images based on where the item was socketed, and moving the bandage image back into the item code, instead of the wound. It also lets me control which effects are applied depending on which slot the item gets consumed in, whereas before, items could only be "used" or "not used," oblivious to which part of the body they were used on.

It meant a few hours of downtime, plus a lot of data rewriting, but it's just about working again this evening. Unfortunately, not very interesting to see nor talk about, but there's at least one thing that is...


Ever since I had my wisdom teeth pulled, I've been wanting to add painkillers to NEO Scavenger. Rummaging through a bathroom cabinet and finding prescription painkillers like codeine seems like it would be a massive payday for a wasteland scavenger.

With wounds taking shape, and now tracking pain, it seems only logical to add such an item. So, voila!

IMAGE(http://www.bluebottlegames.com/img/screenshots/screenshot-2012-07-20.png) Apocalyptic pharmacy, now open for business.

From left to right:

  • PharmaCon "Cavilo" non-prescription painkiller bottle. Not the strongest one can find, but it often does the job. Corresponds to the red and white pills on the right.
  • PharmaCon "Soma" prescription painkiller bottle. This is the hard stuff. Pop one of these, and all your aches go away for 4 hours. Orange pills.
  • Chemico "AquaPur" water purification tablet bottle. You've already seen this one. I changed the company name, since PharmaCon dealt more in prescription-grade medicine, while Chemico was the consumer goods (iodine pills, anti-diarrhea, etc.). Pink pills.
  • PharmaCon "BioBlok" antibiotics. White pills. This already existed in game, but I gave the bottle different art to help make identifying it easier.

They're still need testing and tweaking, both for their effects and their frequency as loot. But at least they should make for more interesting scavenging and wound treatment!

Hopefully, I should be able to get back to wounds on Monday, adding more art and broken bone effects. Until then, hope you have a great weekend!