Neo Scavenger 2? (Please Read!)

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Neo Scavenger 2? (Please Read!)

After spending a large period of time playing Neo Scavenger (And enjoying myself immensly while doing so) it is inevitable that I began to think of what the potential sequel would be like. I've had a huge range of ideas and I understand that many of them will be likely not feesible, but I need to pour out my thought somewhere, okay? Anyway, these are my Ideas for Neo Scavenger 2... (Please note every negative point I will make about the game is simply constructive criticsm, I ABSOLUTELY love the game)

1.Game Customization:
In the original game, I noticed that there is very little variety between each playthrough. Other than different skills and random maps, every game is pretty much the same. The game also has an extremely steep learning curve and brutal difficulty wich can make the game hard to get into for new players. I suggest that at the beginning of each playthrough, you could change a few values with sliders for different variables that affect the difficulty of the game (Base Stats, Scavenging Luck, etc.) as well as enabling or disabling permadeath (or perhaps you could have a mode where you are able to recover items from your corpse). There should also be preset values, "Easy", "Medium" and "Hard" (Im sure you could think of better names IDK), with easy being a challenge, which is not to difficult that the game becomes unplayable for n00bs, normal being the game in its current state, and hard being an incredible challenge that will make even the most wasteland-hardened veteran quake in their boots.

The game already has a "Paticular set of skills" (Despite the fact that the player is NOT infact Liam Neeson) that is very diverse, but there is always room for more. Skills should be balanced through buffs and nerfs, and new ones could be added as well. Off the top of my head, here are a few skill ideas:

-Scavenger: Yeilds better loot from scavenging, less likely to sustain an injury from scavenging (4 points)
-Charismatic: Higher sucess rate with "Offer to Talk" and "Offer Ceasfire" (2 Points)
-Hardy*: Higher resistance to climate, becomes cold less quickly (3 Points)
-Resourceful: More crafting options are available, can use "Use Enviroment" in combat (3 points)
-Free Runner: Small chance to use less moves when in all urban hexes (2 points)
-Sure footed: Small chance to use less moves when in all natural hexes (2 points)

-Diabetic: Will encouter negative status effects when hungry (2 points)
-Clumsy: Small chance to use extra moves on each hex, higher chance to be injured when scavenging (3 points)
-Alcoholic: The player constantly needs alcohol or they will experience withdrawl (2 points)

The combat in this game is already very in depth, and I think this style should be retained in any sequel. However, I have always been thinking to myself about new features. The first point to adress is that the melee skil does fairly little in combat. It increases the wound severity and you can leg trip (I really like that about the game as well, the fact that certain skills yeild new moves). I think choosing the melee skill should give you far more moves and abilities.Perhaps you could be able to "Assess the enemy", and be able to predict future moves and see more about the condition of your oponent. I'm not really sure how it would work, but hey, Im just brainstorming.
I also think the melee skill should provide a bonus to attack after charging into battle as well as the ability to use adrenaline, meaning that the player has a small window of oppurtunity to break free of being chain kicked to death. I also think there should be a small chance (Significantly higher when using a melee character) that after parrying an oponents attack you can "Disarm" them by knocking the weapon out of their hand. The weapon could of course be recovered, but would be some distance away and would take valuable time to pick up. Another move would be "Strangle" which can only be used when an opponnent is under both the conditions "Stunned" and "Fallen. This would last for the course of a few moves, slowly choking the victim to death. The victim would also have the ability to struggle which allow them to break free, but this would only be succesful should the victim be in better condition than their attacker, and it should also wane the victims strength futher. I am yet to think of many combat moves, but should any potential reader have any thoughts, it would be greatly appreciated if they could leave said thought as a reply.

As it is the game is teeming with items of unique properties, but there is always room for more.There are a few existing items could be modified and there should be more non-craftable items that are relics of the old world.that Below is a list of potential items/item modifications

Spear w/ strap: Gives the ability to wear a spear on the shoulder slot (Any Spear, Meduim length of string)
Wooden Baseball Bat: Slow Degrading, Blunt, 2 range weapon. No crafting recipe
Nailed Baseball Bat: Significantly reduces durability but inflicts stabbing wounds (Wooden Bat, Nail, blunt object)
Spiked Baseball Bat: Significantly reduces durability but inlfflicts blunt/stabbing wounds (Wooden Bat,6 small mechanical parts, blunt object)
Aluminum Bat: Degrades extremely slowly but cannot be nailed/spiked
Crude flint knife: Can be thrown, 0 range, slicing weapon.When broken can be resharpened (Stone, peice of flint)
Kitchen Knife: 0 range, slicing weapon. Non Craftable. Can be thrown with little sucess
Throwing Knife: Higher sucess rates when throw thanks to intelligent weight distribution.
Tomohawk. Also throwable. Purchasable from the ATN or the new equivalent should there be one.
Sledgehammer: High damage blunt weapon. 2 range.
Chainsaw: EXTREMELY rare but EXTREMELY HIGH DAMAGE. Requires fuel to be used, which is obtainale from abandoned gas station in the form of Jerry Cans. Can be used without fuel
Screwdriver: 1 range, stabbing weapon. Used in some crafting recipes.
Hacksaw: 1 range, slicing weapon. Cannot be used as a flurry, but still results in losing a move unless the player choses not to pull the weapon from the oponents wound
Bow: Arrows should remain in the target and have to be pulled out later, meaning ammo can be recovered from a corpse or from your own body after being shot by one but escaping. This should result in more pain.
Brick: 0 range, blunt weapon
Pole: 2 range, blunt weapon
Pickaxe: 2 range stabbing weapon. Same rules as hacksaw
"Destroyer" Short Sword: 1 range slicing weapon with very high damage. Carried by Militia. Should look like this (Copy and paste into browser)

Leave other suggestions in the replies please!

You may have noticed I've been refering to weapons as blunt,stabbing or slicing. These will each result in a resppective wound, on top of a seperate bullet wound. Another affect caused by slicing weapons is severed x (left arm,etc), during which an oponent will die or pass out extremely quickly

Check out my ideas for Neo Scav 2!

Dan already said a few things about perma-death, and how it's essential to the game. Basically, the game is meant to be hard, and it's meant to have a learning curve. These are the things that actually bring me back to the game, but I can see how some people may want more options. Luckily for us, we have a large selection of mods to grab, test, and fiddle with!
I think you should focus on what you want changed, or added, once that point comes. We should focus more on what we want to keep, that way the things we like will stay in.
Another point to be made is that you CAN change the difficulty of the game as is, you just need to go into the gamevars file, I suggest using notepad ++ if you want to change things in it.

Rar! Rar rar rar! Thanks for reading :)

Thanks for the feedback, its greatly appreciated.
I'm unsure about the perma death part, I considered leaving it out, but decided against it as its only a thought. I do enjoy having permadeath in the game, but if its an option, it would appeal to both newbies and NEO veterans.
I definitely will assess things to keep and get rid of later in the post, however Dan did say that he wanted new suggestions for the sequel.
I also feel that modding/changing game code shouldn't be an essential part of the game to customise your experience.
Thanks once again.

Check out my ideas for Neo Scav 2!

Personally, I'd like five things from NS2:

1) Allies.
It'd be nice to be able to talk people into working with/for you, and solidifying their loyalties in various ways so you have backup when you get blindsided by a pack of dogs, or someone to watch for you while you sleep, or someone to help you loot. This'd also allow for the ever-requested feral dog taming.

2) Vehicles.
Everything from go-karts to dirtbikes to trucks and RV karts-ideally very detailed, but I'd settle for abstraction if it meant we got them at all. Manage fuel, lubricant, and coolant for massively increased carrying capacity and movement speed, at the cost of increased notability-and your enemies having access to the same things.

3) Settlements.
I want to be able to have a safe place to leave my allies, a safe place to leave my stuff, somewhere to make big projects and revenue-producing objects (tanning racks, stills, laboratories, salt wells, fields, pastures, machine shops) and somewhere to defend when the Bad Muthas decide they're hungry.

4) Procedurally-generated tasks.
Go there, find the thing, kill it/get it/fix it/help it and come back.

5) The ability to interact with markets when you're not there, possibly through NPCs.
Because when I head out into the wilds to get more stuff to sell, I don't want to lose out on the thing I've been waiting for for weeks. Pay someone to buy stuff on your behalf, or use a phone to call a broker.

I prepared Explosive Runes this morning!

Really like your ideas, To be honest I did have the Idea of settlements myself. Allies also sound cool, perhaps AI could be generated with a set "Personality Type", (Hostile-Attack Everything they come across,Neutral-Ignore you and will likely not become allies, Freindly-Will actively seek you out and talk). Perhaps AI could also be allied and will attack you should you attack a freind of theirs. I was going to write about constructing a settlement yourself, which would be a late-game task. This could Involve ripping out bits of scrap with a crowbar, felling and cutting trees to length or fortifying existing structures. Also with a vehicles you could run down enemies, but this would create a mangled corpse.

Check out my ideas for Neo Scav 2!


I'd like to extend this to being able to attack entire Enclaves once you have the bodies and gear. How friendly people are to you depends on a variety of factors-some respect only strength, but others will admire those who treat the weak well and make the area around them safe. Others will only respect ideology similar to theirs (Blue Frogs.) Still others will just not be friendly ever (Bad Muthas) but would gain you many allies should you attack them.

Certain items would only be craftable on the Enclave scale-quality armor, guns, firearm ammunition, high-quality arrows, car parts-and other enclave upgrades would let you produce normal player-craftable items in larger quantities for smaller costs (say, three arrows from one Arrow Recipe.) It'd also incentivize the development of an actual economy sim.

Of course, now I'm wondering how the DMC would treat sufficiently-large Enclaves...

I prepared Explosive Runes this morning!


I'm looking forward to see those ideas in the next game. Or in a future patch!

I would like to learn new skills through out the game from NPCs. For example: Trapping could be learned in ATN.
Skills with levels like Novice or Expert with different results.
I bought the game two weeks ago and i'm addict to it.

Yeah, Trapping is definitely ATN. Maybe a gym in the DMC that lets you learn Strong, Athletic and Melee. Perhaps Botany and Ranged also in the ATN.

Check out my ideas for Neo Scav 2!

Given what an enormous amount "Ranged" covers, I think it, Melee, and Strong should involve the largest amount of time and materiel to achieve.

I prepared Explosive Runes this morning!

Or maybe break them down into separate skills. Something like short range accuracy, long range accuracy, bow making/maintenance, arrow fletching (fletching is a word, I wish that word programs would recognize it), and various power draw levels for added power when using a bow. Ranged would be the category, while it itself would hold all of these skills.
Perhaps if some skills could develop after time or repeated use, or even degrade if not used often enough.

I would really like to see something that's a mix of the PZ (Project Zomboid) skill system, and the Unreal World skill system.

What if it actually used a slide scale system? It gives the player a certain amount of leeway for adding, but would need you to move some aspects down to fit their personal play style.

Rar! Rar rar rar! Thanks for reading :)

Why not require learning each of those skills individually, and once you know them all, you get Ranged automatically?

Short Range Accuracy, Bow Crafting, and Fletching could only be learned at the ATN, and Long Range Accuracy and Gun Maintenance only in sufficiently advanced Enclaves or the DMC.

If you wanted to involve draw levels, I'd make them balanced by taking more/less time and more/less energy to do. Like how Retreat/Run! work.

I prepared Explosive Runes this morning!

Perhaps we could have a Tailor Trait which would allow you to sew,repair,hem Ect clothing to fit your character.
With tailored clothing their should be perks like Fitting pants:Chance of falling in combat decreased and comfort boost. Well fitting shirt:Comfort boost less chance of wounds during scavenging. The tailor trait would also allow you to craft more clothing from rags and furs Ex:Ragged long sleeve,Ragged Short sleeve ect. It would also allow you to repair travel bags given the right equipment [Sewing needle,Spool of thread,other stuff]. Their could be a steady hand perk which would increase accuracy tailoring.

NeoScavenger Extended does this, sans fitted clothing.

I prepared Explosive Runes this morning!

Im gonna be a meany pants and call nearly all your suggestions stupid.

Nearly all your suggestions are stupid, and has the same kind of thinking that drove the developmental ideas in Neo Scav Extended mod.

Pray tell, what's the problem with Neo Scavenger Extended?

I prepared Explosive Runes this morning!

Well, if you look closely (dont have to look closely) a lots of things give it away as a mod which says 'I know better than the developer', though Chiko wouldnt necessarily say that with words. That's not what's wrong with the mod, though. What's wrong with the mod is that he doesn't know better than the developer (and this is where you can start the argument that 'everyone has different tastes and some like it this way and others- yadayadayada').

Mind you, the instant I'd installed the mod to give it a nice good playthrough my jaw dropped (seriously) into admiration at some of his ideas, so you can put away the pitchfork.

In a nutshell, the biggest problem with Neo Scavenger Extended is that it's not truly Neo Scavenger: Extended.
Mighty Mini Mod extends from Neo Scavenger, and so many of the ideas forming the foundation of that mod could well have come from Dcfedor. And why that's important to point out is because that Dcfedor has very good ideas.

That's just it, though. Until DCFedor chips in, we don't know what he wanted from Neo Scavenger. The game's made in Flash, which kneecapped it from the start-he's said himself there's a lot he'd like to have added to it but never got around to because ActionScript is just so horrible.

What do you consider to be DCFedor's aim?

I prepared Explosive Runes this morning!

Yes... but he would have never added in most the things from NeoScav Extended, and that is the extent of my point.

I'm not going to fall into your little trap ;P and try to encapsulate DFedor's aim. I'm just going to trust that I understand it enough to proclaim that the OP's ideas are not well thought out (as opposed to Neo Scavengers), and that NeoScav Extended is a good place to go with such ideas. I get to be a meany pants because I gave fair warning. Hmmh.