Applying Bandages to Wounds

Work on the wound system continues, and today I focused on the ability to apply items to wounds. So far, I've got dirty rags acting as bandages on my test wound, and it stops the bleeding temporarily while applied. Removing it again causes the bleeding to resume, unless the wound has healed in the meantime.

Regarding healing, I'm considering having individual wounds evolve over time if left untreated. Pain should decrease over time naturally. Quick at first, the relief decelerates over time, with minor lingering pain lasting a long while.

Bleeding will likely be similar, except when the gushing is so bad that it can't self-clot, it just stays bleeding.

Infection is the opposite, tending to get worse faster the more time it's left unattended.

I'll be testing this wound behavior over time once I get a few more things hooked up, as this theoretical system could turn out to be hard to use. I'll probably need to make some new items for treatment too, since it'll be useful to see if wounds are manageable with tools and items on-hand vs. not.

Still plenty more work to do, but each day sees some progress!