Mobile Demo and Space Logo Work

Hey Folks! Still working on demo and logo today, and while the latter is certainly something to look at, I don't want to release it before I'm certain :)

The demo took the bulk of my day, as I finished upgrading all the encounters, triggers, creatures, and other bits from the old demo build to the new full version's engine. Quite a bit of data had changed, either from bug fixes or from new features (e.g. point-costs for skills), so it was a lot of file-diffs and judgement. I think the data is done now, though, and we can resume work on the code aspects!

And for the logo, I'm still trying to figure out a treatment for the "A NEO Scavenger Story" subtitle that works with the new game's logo. If you can imagine, the new logo is a lot like the NEO Scavenger one, except upside-down. Some treatments make it look too tacked-on, like it doesn't belong. On the other hand, integrating it too much results in it being too busy-looking, and hurt legibility. I've only just tried a few variants at this stage, though, so we'll have to see.