Music and Demo

Hey Folks! Not much to show today, as it was more behind-the-scenes type stuff. Though some of it was still fun.

First up was a conference call with the web development firm. We went over the latest mockups, and I think we're pretty settled on the new design. The next step is for them to make an actual web layout based on our mockups. And I'm pretty excited about how it's turning out. We're gonna really class-up the joint :)

I also sent word to Josh that his first track is "approved." It sounds good, and I can't wait to sneak it in somewhere for y'all to hear!

Lastly, I've resumed converting the old NEO Scavenger demo XML to work with the new mobile engine. So far, I've covered treasures, recipes, maps, and I'm partly through items. This is a long list, though, and will take a while longer.

Once done, however, we should have a working mobile demo build. The plan at this point is for the demo to be free for all to download and play on iOS and Android, with an in-app purchase to unlock the full version. Hopefully, the free demo works as well on mobile as it did on PC enticing players to go for the full version. Most folks seem to agree the upgrade was worth it!


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The big advantages of the current website are clarity and simplicity. I hope you don't sacrifice that for fancyness.

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I think clarity will still be there. The initial work was all wireframe and information design, with a focus on usability, and this phase has just been stylizing that layout. So it should be form following function.

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games