More Title Searching

Hey Folks! Mostly focused on more title brainstorming today, continuing yesterday's efforts.

I've got a growing list of ideas, including several submitted by readers. And despite several valiant attempts at bending the "NEO Scavenger" nomenclature into spaceworthiness, I think I'm leaning towards the title/subtitle combo format. It directly links whatever I choose to the original game and setting, and offers me a ton of freedom. It also pretty well shields me from any trademark issues, since the subtitle clarifies the context of the title as not being any other IP.

And fortunately for me, there appears to at least be a consensus that the "...a NEO Scavenger Story" subtitle is preferable :)

I briefly looked into a few other IPs that do many stories, such as AD&D, Forgotton Realms, Dark Sun, etc. Though they appear not to link the setting to the title other than in placement on product covers. I.e. they don't say "The Crystal Shard: A Forgotton Realms Book." If anything, they tend to lean on trilogy names, etc.

After today's brainstorming, I think I've got at least one candidate I'm going to move to the next step. Going to give it overnight to percolate, though.


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"Into space with the 'USS Duct Tape'" would emphasize the low tech mechanical part. Aside from that I'm out of ideas.

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